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  1. Luukra

    Affordable, Easy To Read Refsheet Commissions

    Looking for a reference sheet? You've come to the right place! I'm offering easy to read refsheet commissions, check out this pic for an example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9293994/ Due to the design and lack of text, it is very simple for artists to read this type of refsheet. For...
  2. Luukra

    Boo-hoo FA is down again

    Seriously, do we have to have a thread like that EVERY TIME the site goes down for more than 20 minutes? The admins KNOW unless you cannot find a post in the Site Status forums. Usually the outtakes are PLANNED. Let's just stop that bitching and whining once and for all. It's stupid and not...
  3. Luukra

    Login/Password Problems: password recovery code.. waiting for 2 hours and counting

    FA ACCOUNT NAME: Catwolf USERS INVOLVED: ... LINKS/REFERENCE: my e-mail which I won't state publicly STEPS YOU TOOK: sent a request for password recovery twice, both times I got a confirmation that it is the RIGHT e-mail address. Uh yes. I requested a password recovery link/code for my account...
  4. Luukra

    Catwolf's funny paw raffle

    You have to reply in my journal to enter http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1655371/ My first raffle xD! DON'T tell your friends or you'll lower your chances!! Well, I love paws, you love paws, not everyone can afford it though... so I wanted to offer one free Paw ID at least once here. (Paws...
  5. Luukra

    Suggestion for the site - disabling comments

    I think it would be a very valuable feature to FA for be able to: 1. Disable the comment function completly 2. Delete comments ..on your own submissions of course. Imho this could prevent lots of drama especially in pictures about certain characters/themes that are prone to attract drama/hate...
  6. Luukra

    FA-group "teenfurs" - might be a problem?

    Uh yeh I just came across this http://www.furaffinity.net/user/teenfurs If this has been brought up and discussed before, please just ignore this post. But something inside me gives me a bad feeling about having a public list open to view for anyone of underage furries. I am talking sexual...
  7. Luukra

    502 502 502 502 WHAT

    502's re-occuring since a few days I still get those probably every day.. I am a bit frustrated since all I can find in the site status forums is that it was "fixed" - twice. What is up with that - and most of all - Why aren't you giving us any info in the site status forums?? Because this...
  8. Luukra

    site down :<

    yo wats up with dat?
  9. Luukra

    Free sketches for non-canides

    SO i need a bit practice, so i open a free sketch section for non-canidea characthers. Since i can only draw canines well, i want you to request me with a char sheet of a char who is everything but canidae.
  10. Luukra

    Stop that Changes!!!

    Seriously, STOP THAT SHIT. Since the owner has changed, the side got ruined wit every change. First, the timespamps.. Who cares how long the submissions are on, a DATE is the rigth form to mark this! And now, the message center.. HOW AWFUL. Great, now it looks like some kiddie has writed...
  11. Luukra

    hello there

    Just wan't to say hello ^^ I'm luukra and i'm comming from austria. ^^ I hated scool and so my english isn't very good, i hope you're understand this ^^ I really love furry art, even if i knew furry since 2 months, i can't live without it :D I want to itegrate myself in the FA community to...
  12. Luukra

    Arttrades, free Comissions

    Hey Guys n Girls ^^ i want a little partice, so i'm open for everything you want me to draw! Espially i like it if anyone draw my character Luukra in an arttrade. Comission does cost nothing, and i will do my best ^^ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/36663/ here is a little sample for a art...