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  1. yummynbeefy


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMau-DXAeMU go ahead click it you know you want to ;)
  2. yummynbeefy

    peace out guys

    this has been yummynbeefy signing off
  3. yummynbeefy

    so apparently im pregnant

    and micheal jackson is the father discuss
  4. yummynbeefy

    personalities of the fandom

    so basically i found this picture on facebook which i thought was kinda funny so basically who in the fandom would be each one of these personalities you cant tag yourself and 1 person at a time per 12 hours dont know if this is the wrong section just thought this would be an interesting...
  5. yummynbeefy

    Boxers or Briefs?

    the age old question discuss
  6. yummynbeefy

    how would you describe being furry to someone?

    i cant seem to do it without making it sound weird
  7. yummynbeefy


    the BAWWWWWWWWW thread was closed BAWWWWWWWWWWWW
  8. yummynbeefy

    properly dubbed anime?

    im talking like trigun and the DBZ ocean dub where they dont really really cut anything out anyone know all the anime that was dubbed like that? basically anime that wasnt dubbed by 4kids or funimation
  9. yummynbeefy


    anyone going as a furry im going as the tf2 spy with a wolf tail
  10. yummynbeefy

    tail help?

    i want to make a wolf tail for my cosplay costume for my next con what would i be needing for a wolf tail??
  11. yummynbeefy

    why does it seem...

    that people on this forum have like freakin 3000 posts and have only been around since january im really a bit worried about those people tbh its kinda scary that your on these forums enough to have that many posts in such a short amount of time
  12. yummynbeefy

    can someone help me with drawing my fursona???

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=66299 preferably in an anime style and ill send a picture of myself cuz i kinda want it to be an animal caricture of myself also i have a few other things to describe that isnt on the page so yah pm me for those as well
  13. yummynbeefy

    other furry sites???

    what are some other sites/forums that have a good furry community?
  14. yummynbeefy

    My fursona

    Name: yummynbeefy Age: 18 Sex: male Species: angelic tywolf (siberian tiger and artic wolf mix) Height: Weight: Appearance: - Hair and fur: white with grey stripes - Markings: scar on cheek - Eye color: hazel - Other features: muscular build, angel wings Behavior and Personality: friendly but...
  15. yummynbeefy

    Tampa, FL

    where are my furs @ around tampa? i wanna get to know the community
  16. yummynbeefy

    i need an artist!!!

    i need someone to help me draw my fursona does anyone here draw? im absolutely terrible (even though i am getting better) and i need someone to help me draw my fursona if i have the wrong forum then we can move this
  17. yummynbeefy

    yes finally

    ive found u guys anyways ive been into furry art basically my entire life im just happy i finally found this forum so wassup to everyone from my hometown of Tampa FL!!! anyways a little bout myself my real name is matt ive had my username for about as long as i can remember the story behind it...