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  1. Sunny_Otter

    Otter Nationality Poll

    Or they're embroiled in finals ;_; Three major assignments, one final and one research paper due this week alone. Halp halp halp. Also I APPROVE OF THIS POST.
  2. Sunny_Otter

    Vintage Games/Consoles

    I still have my original Gameboy, NES and Atari, heehee. Bonk is still an awesome game. I also um have a NGage I got cheap from work. Sidetalkin' baby.
  3. Sunny_Otter

    Further proof Webkinz World is a furry virus

    Their parents play on their accounts after they've gone to bed. ;) "Hey wow look at all the kinzcash I have how did that happen!" I do agree, it's probably one of the neatest educational games I've seen and it's kept their interest for at least over a year -- that's pretty impressive for ANY...
  4. Sunny_Otter

    The Canadian Accent

    Our milk comes in bags, too.
  5. Sunny_Otter

    Further proof Webkinz World is a furry virus

    I... am going to admit I play Webkinz. I have an otter and she is SO CUTE. The stuffed toys... oh my gosh. It's so hard to tell myself that I'm supposed to be an adult and not cover my bed in stuffed animals, but have you SEEN some of them? My nieces and nephews got me into it, they loooove the...
  6. Sunny_Otter

    The Canadian Accent

    It's "Tranna" darnit, TRANNA. It's also "Mun Tree Awl". Growing up, my dad used to get so mad at us if we didn't pronounce it Tor On To, so my brother still pronounces it all slow and people think he's insane. Thaaht stowre is aaht Baiy aahnd Bloohr.
  7. Sunny_Otter

    I need doggy advice Please

    For goodness' sake, the dog is 16 weeks old -- he's a BABY. His bladder and bowels haven't fully developed, he needs to go outside once an HOUR while you're awake for proper house training, and he's not doing it on purpose -- he's not old enough to hold it yet! Think babies in diapers. They're...
  8. Sunny_Otter

    something special tonight

    It's cloudy outside but I can still see Toronto, I guess most folks there agreed it wasn't worth it. Of course, turning the lights off on the Tower would probably not be the best idea...
  9. Sunny_Otter

    Furry Groups (by Geographica/Political Location)

    Why is there no Canada?! >:O Furry.ca is probably the only major organized group I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. Sunny_Otter

    Anyone know who drew this?

    So THAT'S what you call it... Gorgeous pic!
  11. Sunny_Otter

    The Canadian Accent

    People make fun of my "Sorry" a lot -- Sew-ry, instead of Sarry, but... that's how you say it here! :D
  12. Sunny_Otter

    The Canadian Accent

    I know people say they can never hear their own accent, but it always feels weird when people on vent tell me to talk more so they can hear the "Cute Canadian Accent". I mean I'm from Ontario, folks on TV from US stations sound like they have no accent to me. :) I can pick out New...
  13. Sunny_Otter

    Onlive - Revolutionize PC Gaming?

    Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking -- I don't know about elsewhere, but we only really have 2 companies to choose from for net access and they both have bandwidth caps, anything over and you pay a disgusting amount of money per month. My internet's $25/month for DSL and I play WoW and such...
  14. Sunny_Otter

    Onlive - Revolutionize PC Gaming?

    What kind of bandwidth would they be talking about for this? Would places with bandwidth restrictions be an issue? It's an interesting idea, although it wouldn't be something I'd want myself, PC gaming isn't my preference unless it'd spruce up graphics in MMORPGs.
  15. Sunny_Otter

    Do anything demeaning today?

    I had some med students stare at me while my doc listened to me breathe -- I love how they don't ask if it's ok for students to watch the exam until AFTER the students are already there and your shirt is half-off, sigh. Oh well, all in the name of science.
  16. Sunny_Otter

    I'm in love with a 12 year old....

    Dude, you SCARED me. ;) Can I post my non-alcoholic version? I'm messed up on cough medication as it is and don't dare add any more chemicals right now (there's enough alcohol in the cough syrup to give me a mild buzz, I'm such a lightweight). Weekend luxuries are long, hot baths with a...
  17. Sunny_Otter

    Who hates what type of music???

    Heehee, my country station considers Great Big Sea to be "country enough" that their new albums always get airtime, I love it. Although they've gone a lot more alternative in the last handful of years, but still, fun music. Country's something I can sing along with, I love it.
  18. Sunny_Otter

    Uh, so tell me, furry people...

    There was a clean PG furry con in Ottawa (don't know if it still runs), I went several years running, it wasn't huge but probably fielded 200-300 participants over the weekend? TONS of fun and nooooo sexual pressure/behaviour whatsoever.
  19. Sunny_Otter

    Who hates what type of music???

    I'm not allowed to criticize anyone else's taste in music because I like Country. It's the only thing that keeps me awake on my morning commute.
  20. Sunny_Otter

    Uh, so tell me, furry people...

    FA is a site that offers a medium for mature (read: XXX-rated) works, which is something many furry art sites do not -- so yes, it is particular to FA and a couple of other sites. :) There are plenty of "clean" sites with just as much traffic, but with FA offering a place to submit and view...