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  1. Vineheart01

    GIMP for a beginner

    So i have been getting immense amount of pushing from a friend of mine to start using my monoprice tablet and start drawing my fursona up rather than just have his design in my head (She of course also planted a scene in my head of our fursonas playing mario kart which is kinda driving me atm)...
  2. Vineheart01

    Greetings from nowhere!

    Hi, new guy on the block. Long time furry fan (since i was 14 ive been interested in the furry community, pretty sad it took me 13 years to finally join one lol) and ive trolled around the galleries/forums of this and many websites for years. A friend i know irl finally talked me into getting...
  3. Vineheart01

    Getting into Digital art

    Hello, new user here. Not 100% sure if this is where i'd ask this but seems like the right place. While i was in highschool i drew with a pencil a lot, but i never moved into digital. I hate trying to draw or do fine movements with a mouse, which is leading to my question: Is there a program i...