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  1. Edge-chan

    Art Trade: Icon trades

    your oc is pretty loving so yeah, I'm in! I'll work in your pic as soon you finish your icon first so take your time. Any idea do you want for the icon?
  2. Edge-chan

    Art Trade: Icon trades

    If you want to make a fanart of them, sure thing! It will be welcomed.
  3. Edge-chan

    Art Trade: Icon trades

    I'm looking to do some icon trades since its been a while since I had these and I would like some icons for my ocs Sogno and Incubo. You can pick either one of the wolves or do both, I don't mind (If you want to do both wolves, you'll get two icons instead than one). In exchange, you'll get...
  4. Edge-chan

    Icon trade

    I'm still open if people want to.
  5. Edge-chan

    Icon trade

    I have finally finished the pics of my main OC and I would like icons of him, either as Human or Feral. Human www.furaffinity.net: FdA - Francesco Pezzali reference (Human) by Edge-chan www.furaffinity.net: Inktober 2016 - A sad tiger... by Edge-chan Feral...
  6. Edge-chan

    (Possible YCH) Martial Arts fight Ink Painting Vignettes

    Not only that but they focus also in the brush stroke, something you learn mostly when you're studying any East Asia's language (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc...). A Sumi-e Sensei noticed that on my brush drawings when I asked him for a review. But it is possible for combining both soul and...
  7. Edge-chan

    (Possible YCH) Martial Arts fight Ink Painting Vignettes

    Someone recommended me your post lol My art is mostly Sumi-e and I'm also a martial artist. My gallery is on http://sumi.silicon-world.net And my commission prices are - Commission Info for Edge-chan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Edge-chan

    In need of a book cover

    My question would be: Why do you think an artist would do a commercial art (Yes, a book cover falls on that category) for free? "For their name in the credits"?
  9. Edge-chan

    Badge trade

    (please read the rules!) I have decided to do more badge trades (Samples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14269394/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15484078/ ) since I need more samples for my gallery. So if you're interested, post here your samples and I might do the trade. .- If you have...
  10. Edge-chan

    Looking to commission someone for 3 pieces of art

    If you still want a badge, I do them for 25-30$. Here are other samples and prices of my art http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/edge-chan/ my email is edge at silicon-world.net if you're interested.
  11. Edge-chan

    Iron Artist commission

    I'm open for Iron Artist commission type, so if you're interested in one, check this out. .-You'll get an A4 pic. I'll not send a preview as these are done quite quick and I'll wing-it. Do not worry, I'm not going to draw your character on undesirable situations (Ergo, the poses will be...
  12. Edge-chan

    Livestream @ OPEN - Free bust sketches

    Want to let you know that I'm working on icons, but I'll do your sketches! You have also to join the livestream to chat and having a good time ^^
  13. Edge-chan

    Livestream @ OPEN - Free bust sketches

    How adorable! I'll work on it when I finish to color the icons :)
  14. Edge-chan

    Livestream @ OPEN - Free bust sketches

    I'll be open for the PWYW commissions. But also I'll do free bust sketches for the people that come and chat on the Livestream :) Post your character ref and email here. I'll sketch the characters in the order that appears. Thread will be closed when the stream is over...
  15. Edge-chan

    YCH auction - Kitsune/Japanese fox.

    Bump to let you know the kitsune still is on sale.
  16. Edge-chan

    Special Sale: PWYW

    So only for two days I'll open this kind of commission: PWYW (Pay what you want) How it works? Send to brice.mile[a]gmail[dot]com (Paypal only) your desirable amount and post here your character reference + your email. Any amount works! Remember my style can differ and if your character is...
  17. Edge-chan

    YCH auction - Japanese dragon

    Bump as the dragon auction still is open. Other sample here:
  18. Edge-chan

    Need canine feral/anthro art by the end of May

    In case you want something different like a Sumi-e scenarie, here is my art commissions info. http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/edge-chan/
  19. Edge-chan

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16111547 Nekomata ych
  20. Edge-chan

    YCH auction - Kitsune/Japanese fox.

    Got bored of the other design, so I cleaned it and it looks way better :) This fox/kitsune is a YCH, so I'll make your fox character look like kitsune in Ukiyo E. Don't you have a character yet you want him for tattoo? I can do that! I'll modify: .- Hair style .- Eyes .- Nose .- Tails...