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  1. Potato

    Simple Pleasures

    Just talking with your friends, or thinking about that special some one. Comfotable silences.
  2. Potato

    Your height

    6'1" Where all the cool people are at ^_^
  3. Potato

    How open are you about your sexuality?

    Edit: Whoooops, misread the topic title... I fail v_v
  4. Potato

    Harry Potter movie

    I thought it was alright, the effects were good and it stuck (very roughly) to the book. The only complaint is the lack of the Battle at Hogwarts. The substitute scene kinda pissed me off when the director had said in an interview "We couldn't get enough action in"
  5. Potato

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    (Oh balls, didn't see this thread, sorry for the dupe) Since Monday I've recorded about 9 songs. All on my YouTube. Here Though after listening to some of the stuff posted here, I feel small and insignificant >.<
  6. Potato

    What if you opened a door and saw your fursona right there in front of you?

    Shake his paw for being so damn cool.
  7. Potato

    Does your fursona have a phrase or word they especially like?

    Oh, he has many, lmao. "Juice" Describing things as "Fresh" and "4 and 9, 49"
  8. Potato

    Post Your Playing

    Thanks :D Do you play?
  9. Potato

    Post Your Playing

    I don't know about any of you, but I love playing music more than anything. And while I hate my voice, I've been persueded to upload some songs to YouTube. So if any of you have done the same, please post up yourself playing. http://www.youtube.com/user/Penguins4111 there is mine, any...
  10. Potato

    Can you play?

    I've been playing Guitar for just over 2 years, Bass for roughly the same amount of time, and Drums about a year and a half. I sing too, but not very well XD
  11. Potato

    Inspiration! :D

    On the toilet for me. I don't know why, ideas just drift into my head whilst I poop.
  12. Potato

    Nintendo Channel Surprises

    Finally! Those 1200 points have been burning a hole in my Virtua-Pocket. I love Majora's Mask!
  13. Potato

    How do you shower?

    Same for me, makes things easier =p
  14. Potato

    What pets do you have?

    2 Dogs, Border Collies
  15. Potato

    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    No, and while I'd prefer to keep it that way, I'm sure my parents - or mum at the very least - would be supportive about it. My Dad would probably be too, but there would be harmless, witty little jokes about it after a time that I can't be bothered with.
  16. Potato

    How many times has your fursona changed?

    None, he's fine the way he is =)
  17. Potato

    Revenge of the "What instrument do you play?" thread

    I play the Guitar, and often try to sing - a failure lmao I play a little drum 'n' Bass too. Absinth: You play Bagpipes? That's awesome, a friend of mine plays, how long have you been learning/playing?
  18. Potato

    Favorite Songs you like to listen to?

    Totally agree, along with Comfortably Numb and Time 1. Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult 2. Yellow Moon - Akeboshi 3. Brave New World - Iron Maiden 4. Rainmaker - Iron Maiden 5. Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden 6. No Rain - Blind Melon
  19. Potato

    WHEN did you hear/learn about the fandom

    Browsing through H-art, came across some Krystal and some Bernal stuff, never looked back. Having liked Furry drawings and films, I think it only took the sexual side of the fandom to truely intrigue me =/
  20. Potato

    America Vs Europe

    Europe, less crime rates. More interesting cultures.