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  1. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Stripes Fox

    Name: Stripes Fox Age: 21 Sex:Male Species:Fox/cat Height:5' 8" Weight:185 Appearance: -Hair and Fur:Dark blonde Fur, Light brown hair -Markings: White stripes across body, legs, tail, arms head and ears, tips of ears and tail are white -Eye Color: Blue -Behavior/Personality: Funny, shy...
  2. <CaliforniaStripes>

    avatar sketches only

    I deal with "cute" sketches for avatars such as my avatar i dont have a paint system so if you want newb sketches of your fursona for a "cute" avatar hit this thread up :) ill try and do this every week if possible Provide link to fursona if capable thx ^_^ sorry for not providing this earlier...
  3. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Tablet Questions

    I'm searching for a good tablet, its one of the last things i need for my work station, can anyone recommend a decent one i was thinking an intous, friendly advice is welcome :)
  4. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Hi from sunny califonia

    Guess this would be my first post. College, work, drawing and video games are my life so far, yes in that order. Great to be a member of these forums. Hope to chat with you all in the future.