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  1. Furcade

    Tolerating differences.

    Could you elaborate on that a little? I'm not quite sure what you mean, and it sounds like a potentially interesting point.
  2. Furcade

    Tolerating differences.

    You can't really lump all "modern feminists" together. I'm not a fan of the "men are inherently rapists" stereotypical tumblr types, but there's nothing wrong with opposing the patriarchy (for example, we had a PM who was against the institution of marriage because she didn't like the idea of...
  3. Furcade


    Hmm... scientists aren't really meant to wear lab coats outside the lab anyway (because unlike doctors, a scientific lab coat is legit PPE). So trying to demonstrate your love of science might get you arrested by the OHS police. Though if the coat was generic and clean enough, I guess it's no...
  4. Furcade


    Chill, yo.
  5. Furcade


    Yeah they got down to $79 for a while... those were the days. I think if you compare the prices in terms of minimum wages it ends up being not too out of proportion. But still, $110. And I mean, you can always import but then you need an Asian Live account for DLC, apparently. Lots of things...
  6. Furcade


    Two words: 'straya tax.
  7. Furcade


    The temptation to head out and pick up a copy later in the week is there, but it is $109.95. That's enough to feed me and my partner for at least two weeks. I will probably wait about six years for a price drop (to $109.94) and buy it then.
  8. Furcade

    What's for dinner?

    Hooray for reheated pasta bake! Is that the same thing as buk/pak choy? I've never heard it called "celery-cabbage" before...
  9. Furcade


    If he's been diagnosed, that probably means he's getting professional help, right? Just make sure he's ok (but don't overdo it, by which I mean don't be calling up every five minutes being like "dude, are you ok?" "how bout now?"). Just keep an eye on him. And if things head downhill, tell...
  10. Furcade

    What do you guys listen to while reading/ drawing etc...?

    Madeon, John Mayer, Ice Cube and Elton John. And lately Rage Against the Machine. Somehow they really amplify the creative process. Weird.
  11. Furcade

    things you want to learn

    I'd love to learn how to interact with people in such a way that they don't think I'm boring. That'd be good. Also sign language. And survival skills. And pretty much all of the things.
  12. Furcade

    Hi from down under :)

    I never thought of it like that XD Oh yeah welcome to the forums Azurite!
  13. Furcade

    Anybody else starting college?

    I just started second semester of a BMedSci. Not-quite-pro tip(s): turn up to classes and attempt to manage your time. That's the difference between a pass and an HD. But try to have fun, too ;)
  14. Furcade

    American Police and their tasers.

    That would explain why I've seen (some) police officers getting around with a Taser attached to the front of their vest-thing. Incredibly informative post, thanks a bunch :D
  15. Furcade

    A Meta-Analysis: Negative Relation of Religiosity and IQ

    "Are religious people less intelligent?" is not exactly the most pressing question facing the scientific community. Like you said, they're both just facets of a person that add things to a person's life, so why should we want to connect them? What do we gain from knowing that there is some...
  16. Furcade

    Things you DON'T like seeing in furry fiction

    Yeah, I guess that's the other way to do it. But it has to be smoothly integrated. Alternatively, you could just not mention that they're anthro characters until the last half-a-chapter and use it as a plot twist :V
  17. Furcade

    A Meta-Analysis: Negative Relation of Religiosity and IQ

    Okay, having skimmed the study: a) Most of the samples involved appear to be from the United States and parts of Europe, introducing a definite element of bias (what about countries where religions other than Christianity dominate? Is the same correlation seen there?). b) The correlations...
  18. Furcade

    American Police and their tasers.

    I'm pretty sure they put 'em on and made them automatically activate when the weapon was drawn. That was back when there was one taser across a Local Area Command. Now pretty much everyone carries them, so maybe it's not the case anymore. But because it's a point of public contention, they...
  19. Furcade

    A Meta-Analysis: Negative Relation of Religiosity and IQ

    There is a positive association between ice-cream sales and heat strokes, yo. There are confounding variables and stuff which may have been ignored in the pursuit of simple analysis. Even if the correlation is legitimate, it isn't to say that religious people can't be intelligent, or that less...
  20. Furcade

    animal funfacts/trivia

    Cats don't have clavicles. Also, corvids are considered to be the most intelligent birds and among the most intelligent animals (because some can recognise themselves in mirrors).