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  1. Sunny_Otter

    Dreaming video games?

    I have a problem with gaming before bed (which is the only time I have TIME for it these days) -- I wind up dreaming about the game I was playing! Over and over and over. It wasn't so bad when it was interesting stuff like Baldur's Gate or Fallout (although I'd wind up replaying the same...
  2. Sunny_Otter

    100x100 Icons wanted, and a how-to on commissioning via FA?

    Hi hi! I'm new to FA and am not really sure how to go about commissioning folks off the site (every site seems to have its own method!). I have Paypal and a credit card and all that good stuff all set up but I'd hate to give someone a headache because I'm new to this (although not...
  3. Sunny_Otter

    Hi hi!

    Nice to meet everyone! I've been lurking a little while but figured it was time to Otter up and say hello. Love to make some friends, eat poutine and swimswimswim. Locals, HI!