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  1. Eiliakins

    Eilia's Art Thread!

    I saw people make sketchbook threads like these and figured I could make one for myself too! :> I'll try to update this thread with both finished pieces as well as some WIPs and doodles that may never get on my FA gallery. xD As a quick intro, I'm Eilia and I'm a video game artist trying to go...
  2. Eiliakins

    Sketch portraits 5-10$ (Semi-realistic style, colours and shading available)

    Decided to help a friend gather up money for a move so I'll be doing some quick sketch commissions here to practice my furry and feral facial anatomy! These will be headshots only! 5$ for just a sketch, 7$ for sketch with flat colours 10$ for one with simple shading 5$ for feral chibis! If...
  3. Eiliakins

    Hiya! Artsy gamer girl reporting for duty!

    Hello! A talkative fool here! I lurked here for a few days until I realized this place requires a separate sign-up process. But here I finally am! Finally got the courage to introduce myself! At like... 4am... Uhm. Yes. :D Let's see if I can score some friends here! I don't have a fursona or...