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  1. Damon A. Grey


    jibbing: A snowboarding style refering to the use of rails, tables, trees, etc. as obstacles. I couldn't find another thread like this, so just post any experiences you've had "jibbing". So mine is, riding a stair rail in a park not too far from my school. Just I backside boardslide...
  2. Damon A. Grey

    Socratic Seminar or Debate?

    Just curious as to which form of discussion you prefer. Honestly, I have to say I prefer Socratic Seminar. But what are your opinions?
  3. Damon A. Grey

    Hello and how is everyone doing?

    This is a hello from a philosopher wolf who writes poetry. Yay! I am new to here and somewhat new to the fandom, though i think i am finally starting to find my place. I am always in an excellent mood. :) But how are you doing?