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  1. Drexel97

    So has everyone overlooked the complexity of Emmitt Otterton's life? or what?

    SPOILERS. So while the nudist club wasn't breezed over, but like the fact that Emmitt was a member, and took a naked yoga class wasn't. Which you know whatever, you do you man, but like, he is made out to be this generic flat character but we get to go into the complexity of his nudist, working...
  2. Drexel97

    The parallels to the civil rights era within Zootopia

    OK so there may or may not be spoilers in this post, I really like getting in depth with it so I like discussing things that may spoil it for someone that hasn't seen the movie so, just fair warning. So obviously the theme of Zootopia is to avoid stereotyping or oppressing another species...
  3. Drexel97

    Do you Ever wake up feeling furry?

    This is one of those dumb topics I thought of while I was bored, but here we go! does anyone else just have those days every now and then where you are like "Yeah! I'm a furry, and that's pretty damn cool!" Like, I have this with a lot of things, like working on cars or playing video games where...
  4. Drexel97

    I'm late to the party, but I'm finally here... Sharknado 2!!!

    I just now got to watching sharknado 2 because I waiting for a group to get together to watch it, but all of our schedules, blah blah blah. The point is I have now seen it, and want to talk about it. SPOILER when Tara Reid replaced her nub with a f-ing table saw... holy shit!!! Haha like the way...
  5. Drexel97

    does anyone just not like cold play as much as I do?

    This isn't remotely related to furries and could probably go in rants and raves but I'd like to be more of a discussion than just hating cold play. I just think their music is whiney, repetitive, and stupid. All of my friends love them! They are like a poison to me. Its like they hit one of my...