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  1. Runeaddyste

    Tattoo art for upper left back/shoulder

    I have one original tattoo at the moment and I'm looking to get another done. I have a specific design in mind, as she is a character in my upcoming story: Marblewood Chained. The characters name is Amethyst Relia, and here is the design i have in mind: Birdlike Humanoid with angel wings, Cyan...
  2. Runeaddyste

    Dream diary Day 1. I dreamt in Flash...

    Thought I run a few of my dreams through here every morning (GMT) before I forget them. Some are getting weird and arty. Last night (or rather, 40 mins to an hour ago) I had a dream that seemed to be happening in an art style I can only assosiate with some Newgrounds flash animation. This all...
  3. Runeaddyste

    VG style art.

    I'm looking for someone to do a series of 8 pictures into one or two costume art designs for a video game. The pictures are of myself, but i need them change from human to draolf. Here are the links: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3393283 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3393284/...
  4. Runeaddyste

    Foxgen - char for full scene trade

    I'm looking for a female foxgen (Fox Dragon hybrid) Picture with these measurement specs: Height: 5'6 Waist: 26 inches bust: 30 inches Wings: Leathery, spanning a full length from left wing tip to right wing tip, 9'3 Tail: fox fur top, dragon underside, span of 3' Clothes: Skinny jeans, pref...
  5. Runeaddyste

    $100 for Front cover

    Here's the state of play... The competition is now over. The Judges have been picked and i count Lion-ne's entry as just in time. Here are the entries up for the winning spot: WhiteFenrril: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2253465 WhiteFenrril: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2215321...
  6. Runeaddyste

    Drawing competition to win $30

    Ok, still working on my book and i'm looking for a front cover. The cover MUST involve the main character (Scientist outfit - Nametag saying Liam) and one to all of the charactors i'm about to mention, anthro or human forms will be good enough, but Liam MUST remain human, as must Samantha if you...
  7. Runeaddyste

    Steam challanges

    thinking of setting up a few contests on steam, unfortunatly, i only have AudioSurf, peggle deluxe and half life (may get TF2 and CS). i need some help in setting up a few of these (since im making CS:FA at the mo.) can anyone assist me with creating a few?
  8. Runeaddyste

    Getting to know your fellow fur: Skype

    I've been a bit upset recently by anti-furry activists in my school (yes, that's what i call them) and i had a thought, get furries to contact one another through Skype. Being able to talk to fellow furries one on one can some times help. Quick note though, If you are interested in Skype...
  9. Runeaddyste

    Being Human, new BBC3 horror series

    This may just apply to Britfurs but i might as well type about it. The pilot came out in Feb 2008, introducing Mitchelle, a vampire with a soft spot for humans, who tries to go on the wagon (stay off blood), George, a Werewolf who feels socially awkward and wants a normal life with a normal...
  10. Runeaddyste

    PKMN Diamond/pearl/platinum friend codes

    Call me sad for calling back to these games, it's one of the few playable games on the DS. There have been forum threads on this before, but they are now closed. I'm looking to trade a Machoke, Kadabra, Graveller and two Haunters for the evolutions. Runeaddyste's ID: Name: Stephen Code...
  11. Runeaddyste


    i don't know if i'm the only one who uses this, but i'll explain it anyway. www.blogtv.com is a free broadcast blog site where you can talk to people about yourself and have people replying back or watch people who are doing bezare stuff behind the camera. I'm on it under the same name...
  12. Runeaddyste

    Counter-strike: Fur-affinity storyline.

    This is for the guys who signed up to CS:FA and this will be where i will ask for voice spots. get ready to enter. As i write this, Granader and Sprayer need taking. It starts in the terrorist base. LVL - DE-Dust2. Killer and dumbass are preparing weapons from the shopping cart (which will be a...
  13. Runeaddyste

    doing art commisions, as cheap as 50 cents

    Ok, since i'm starting commisions, i might as well process my prices. Sketches Rough sketch - 50 cents Normal sketch - 75 cents Background - 25 cents on top of sketch charge Inked Inked picture - $1 Coloured inked picture - $2.50 Background - 50 cents on top of inked charge Added items...
  14. Runeaddyste

    sign up for Fa:CS flash movie

    Getting to grips with my art at the moment and i've been experimenting with Adobe software for flash movies (CS3 fireworks in pertic). I had an idea whilst watching "DE-Dust2" from flash-deck to make i Fur affinity counterstrike flash video. I need someone to fill these roles: Counter...
  15. Runeaddyste

    My charges

    Ok, since i'm starting commisions, i might as well process my prices. Sketches Rough sketch - 50 cents Normal sketch - 75 cents Background - 25 cents on top of sketch charge Inked Inked picture - $1 Coloured inked picture - $2.50 Background - 50 cents on top of inked charge Added items...
  16. Runeaddyste

    Drawing and shading by hand

    I notice a lot of artists are using software rather than traditional pen and paper. I use pen and paper for two reasons: 1: i can't afford a "pad" 2: I can't draw using a mouse. I find it one of the more reliable meathods of drawing (even if my art style is a bit sloppy). Does anyone else...
  17. Runeaddyste

    £5/$7.50 sketch commisions

    Just so ya know, i'm now doing sketch commisions for mammals, amphibians and lizards. Anthro of course. I have a few points of what i will not do: Vore - It just repulses me Multiple charactors (3+) - I find it easier to do only one or two chars at a time Cub - I'm no pedo Pokemon/digimon - I...
  18. Runeaddyste

    Xbox 360 GH:WT, who will you beat

    Just so's ya know, i got a 360 on friday with World Tour. I still can't do Hard levels songs, but if you want to kick my ass for achievements, be my guest. Whoever wants to challange anyone on guitar hero world tour, post here.
  19. Runeaddyste

    Taking requests

    WARNING: Before making a request, please remember that I am just starting to draw again! Do not expect mirricles. That said and done, let me get right to it. I'm taking requests for Anthro art at the moment, so Ferals and transformations are out of the picture. They will be Pencil drawn and...
  20. Runeaddyste

    dragon suits

    A friend of mine wants a dragon suit for a final vid on youtube. he's 5"10 and he is a 32 waist. how much would it cost to get a dragon suit commissioned for him or how long would it take to make from certain materials, he specifies black and purple.