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  1. Kangidonmaru

    Help/Request UK

    haihaii ^w^ thinking of becoming a suiter i have no exp, no fursuits, and very lazy/sleep personality but a creative mind but horrible at explaining things... On another note me and my fiance are going to be looking for fursuits or a suiter in england :3 (/ and jobs,house,etc x3) any tips? /...
  2. Kangidonmaru

    Husky pup

    ^-^ could somone draw my strawberry husky pup with blue eyes possibly eating an old tore up boot or inside boot chewing on the tongue or a shoelace? ^o^ i wuv shoes
  3. Kangidonmaru

    Pink Husky

    could you draw my husky? pink husky blue eyes, pink pads , bellyfurr is white , tail is curled like normal. ^-^ if u could do this that'd be great. (wouldnt mind nude or errotic posing) be creative ^-^ and have fun. ( my name is Barry ) if u need my msn or any other form of contact just send me...
  4. Kangidonmaru


    My name is Barry, ._. i am single gay Husky my fav colours are pink,black, and black and white. i'm loyal and submissive, Loud noises scare me, and i dont like hurting people. I am usally on IMVU, and every furry video makes me long for a mate that could hold me /and treat me wiff the love i...