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  1. Grimpkin

    What's Your Favorite Dog Breed(s)?

    Australian Cattle Dog :3
  2. Grimpkin

    Any Bone Collecting Furries Out There?

    I actually have a really large bone collection I keep in a display table in my living room... now that I think about it its kind of too much.
  3. Grimpkin

    Dead space 3

    I stopped playing Dead Space after the second game because I just wasn't as scared as I was in the first game. I might finish up deads space 2 and pick 3 up, it sounds pretty good.
  4. Grimpkin

    Harlem Shake?

    That's not even close, baby.
  5. Grimpkin

    What game have you recently completed?

    I rarely finish games. Last one I beat recently was Darksiders. Haven't touched the second yet.
  6. Grimpkin

    So foxes are sluts?

    Yes... Yes we are...
  7. Grimpkin

    Gay genes or choice?

    People who aren't gay can't really say that it's a choice unless they have overwhelming evidence. After all they're not gay. I'm not saying that it's 100% not psychological, but it's definitely not a choice. (I know that 100% for me personally). Sources: I'm a massive homosex.
  8. Grimpkin

    Ew, man lives and feeds with his Wolf pack o,o

    That's some hardcore yiffing.
  9. Grimpkin

    Members by Species

    Username: Grimpkin Species: Ramen Fox Category: Canid
  10. Grimpkin


    But the HATS man... The HATS. How do you not like the hats? Favorite Class:Pyro Why: Because I like to light people on fire with rainbows Least Favorite Class: Scout Why: Dat voice Game mode: Payload
  11. Grimpkin

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Darksiders II, Dota 2, and Star Control II. If you know what star control II is I love you.
  12. Grimpkin

    Hey Everyone!

    Ye it is. :3
  13. Grimpkin

    Hey Everyone!

    I've only arranged/composed orchestral pieces, but I haven't really written anything too interesting or anything i'm really proud of. I suck pretty bad at writing contemporary and modern music, I tried it once... boy did I regret that.
  14. Grimpkin

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm posting this from my cave in Connecticut, USA. I'm fairly new to the fandom and forums. I like to work with music in my spare time. Things like composing and arranging. I am currently studying music theory and enjoy pretty much any genre of music. Other things I like to do are...