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  1. Conri :3

    My fursona request challenge

    Ohaii all, it's conri the jackal I had an idea usually one gives the artist lots of guidelines for how to do their requests. So I had the idea of giving the talented artists of FA a challenge. I'd like to see what the artists can come up with using their artistic freedom and creativity. Here is...
  2. Conri :3

    proffesional commission jackal fursona

    Good afternoon (at least it is here :3) ... any way I'm looking for a brave fur( or furs) to work on a piece for me... <3 So my name is conri and I'm a jackal and a slight femboi... My cowboy hat and I are near inseperable. I'm flirty, and I like to tease and flaunt myself (while I'm not...
  3. Conri :3

    :3 ohaiii

    Ohaiii my name is Conri >:3 I'm a foxeh and I'm new to furaffinity, but I was wondering two things... ^.^ how many furs here live in Georgia, USA? Secondly I'd love for some one to take this foxes paw and show them politely around town :3 I'll start by saying that I love to cook (went to...