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  1. Nicefrog

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to put together a ref sheet or two!

    Hi! I do sketch refs starting at $30 ($40 for customs!) for one full angle+ a chibi back angle, and cel shaded/colored fullbodies/chibis starting at $50 ($60 for customs!)! I also offer chibi lined refs for $35 ($40 for customs!) for one angle! Check out bit.ly/NicefrogCommissions for more...
  2. Nicefrog

    Hiring: LF HQ Human Artist! ($130 Budget)

    Hello! I'd love to do some art for ya! Please check out bit.ly/NicefrogCommissions for more of my examples and prices! Here are examples of my work!
  3. Nicefrog

    Searching a Ref Sheet Artist Specializing in Avian Characters

    I know this is closed, but I absolutely adore drawing birds so I wanted to throw my hat in the ring! thank you for your consideration! bit.ly/NicefrogCommissions Userpage of Nicefrog -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Nicefrog

    Looking for a full-color icon to be used on Steam [CLOSED]

    Hi! I do logo commissions starting at $10 dollars! I'd love to work with you! if you're interested, please send over a PM or email to falkebird@gmail.com bit.ly/NicefrogCommissions
  5. Nicefrog

    Hiring: LF: Human Artist to do group pic. ($250 Budget)

    Hi! I'd love to do scene for you! Please check the link below for all of my pricing information!! bit.ly: Nicefrog's Commission Info + TOS Here are my examples! These are examples of my rendering styles and lined/colored style!
  6. Nicefrog

    Need for new sona

    Hi! I'd love to do a custom for you! Please check the link below for all of my pricing information!! bit.ly: Nicefrog's Commission Info + TOS Here are my examples! first one is an example of a flat colored sketch custom, which I do for $30, and the rest are various examples of my style!
  7. Nicefrog

    Hey y'all! I need some help!

    Hi! I'm Frog! I'd love to work with you on any art you're lookin for, although I don't do NSFW! You can check out Bit.ly/NicefrogCommissions for my prices and lots of examples, plus I'll include a few here!
  8. Nicefrog

    Nicefrog's Commissions - Avian, Human, and More! $5+

    Bump! Open for january commissions!
  9. Nicefrog

    Looking for mature art(still SFW) chubby artist required

    Userpage of Phoenix-of-Starlight -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I recommend this artist! hes a friend of mine from school and does a very good job!
  10. Nicefrog

    Icon (Still or Animated) $20-$50 (Closed)

    Heyo! I do Icons and I'm also good with birds! My commissions open back up Sunday, but if you're interested you can claim a slot! The prices for my icons start at $20! 20 USD - Lines + Flat Color 30 USD - Unlined + Regular Color 40 USD - Lined + Regular Color 50 - 60 USD - Fully Rendered...
  11. Nicefrog

    (CLOSED) Design a Dress for my Femboy

    Heyo! I'm about to leave for about a week, so I won't be able to start until next weekend, but I do offer a commission called an outfit design! I've also worked on designing outfits for femboys too! Outfit sheets start at $60! Check out this link as well for more of my commission options...
  12. Nicefrog

    Looking for refsheets, Halfbodies, Chibis, NSFW Art

    Heyo! My commissions start at 5 USD! I'd love to work with you though! I have many options within your budget! I do not do NSFW work though! Check out my Commission Info for TOS, prices, and even more examples!
  13. Nicefrog

    In need of a Ref sheet! ($10-$40 Budget)

    Hi! I do simple cute reference sheets for 40 to 60 USD! I can do a full front and back view for 60 USD, or a front view plus very simple back view for 40! My basic reference sheets include one basic colored/lined piece with 1 - 2 smaller reference images. Please check out my Commissions Page...
  14. Nicefrog

    [Hired artist] Buying new bear fursona creation / ref sheet

    heyo! I'm currently open for commissions! Below you can find my information, TOS, and more examples! Nicefrog's Commissions One full body colored drawing is 50 dollars, and for an extra 10 I can do another (much more simple) angle of your character! I also typically take payment once the sketch...
  15. Nicefrog

    (CLOSED) Searching for an artist to draw a demonic form for my current fursona.

    heyo! I'm currently open for commissions and I'd love to help you out! Below you can find my information, TOS, and more examples! I'm definitely comfortable drawing the type of arm you're looking for :^) Nicefrog's Commissions Furaffinity Included are a few examples!
  16. Nicefrog

    Seeking harpy artist (Closed)

    hi there! I'm super experienced in drawing wings, harpies (I have a harpy character of my own, he's my oldest OC!), and birds of all sorts and I'd love to help you out with this if you're interested! My commissions are currently open and you can find information here! Nicefrog's Commissions...
  17. Nicefrog

    Character Redesign

    Heyo! I'm an art student studying game art and concepts are definitely a specialty of mine! I'd love to help you redesign your character! Included below are some examples of my work! and prices! Please go here to find even more --> Nicefrog's Commission Info
  18. Nicefrog

    (CLOSED) Reference Sheet for Bird Sona

    heyo!! birds are my specialty and I would love to work with you on this!! I will include my prices and examples below :^) I also do outfit design commissions for 60 dollars! these include a colored fullbody, an original outfit designed by me, and 3 color variations of the outfit! There are...
  19. Nicefrog

    [60USD Budget) Reference Sheet Artist

    Heyo!! I do simple ref sheets for 40 USD, and with another full angle I can do 60!! I also do colored fullbody drawings for 50 dollars and outfit designs for 60 (the graphic below says 50, but prices for outfit designs have been raised to 60), which are more detailed than the ref sheets! I won't...
  20. Nicefrog

    PunK Bunnie Reference Sheet

    Heyo!! I wish you good luck in finding a new place to stay!! My commission info is here!! Here's a few examples of my own work! I do simple reference sheets like these for 50 USD! with another pose it would end up at about 70! I also do outfit sheets like these with a new original outfit...