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  1. ScrubWolf

    Hair Metal

    Hair Metal from the '80s rocked! What's your favorite Hair Metal band? I would have to go with Def Leppard and Van Halen.
  2. ScrubWolf

    Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

    What's your favorite alcholic beverage? Hard Liquor: Jim Beam w/ diet coke and a lime wedge, Jack Daniels Single Barrel w/ a little water. (I'm not a redneck........I just resemble one on occasion :D) Beer: Smithwicks
  3. ScrubWolf

    NFL Playoffs

    Any NFL fans around here? NY and Indy @ 3:00pm MN and Saints @ 6:40pm Who wins today? I hate Indy, but I think they'll pound the Jets today. If the Saints defense shows up I think they'll squeek by the Vikings. Thoughts?
  4. ScrubWolf

    Megaplex 2010

    I know it's only 6 months away, but anyone here going to Megaplex 2010? I'm really looking forward to it; it'll will more than likely be my first con :)
  5. ScrubWolf

    Learning Guitar

    I was given a guitar a couple of years ago and its been sitting in the closet gathering dust. I'm currently unemployed, so I have lots of time on my hands. I don't have money for lessons at the moment, but can anyone recommend a good book to learn some basics? And a follow up question. Would...
  6. ScrubWolf

    Underused phrases

    I heard someone use the phrase "to the tune of" today, and was reminded of Adam Corolla from the days of the Love Lines radio show. He had a bit where he wanted to bring back phrases that nobody really uses anymore. "To the tune of" was one of the phrases he wanted to bring back. What are some...
  7. ScrubWolf

    Digital SLR Camera

    I'm saving my nickels and dimes for a new DSLR camera and want to get some input from anyone here that has some experiance with them. Right now I'm using a Nikon N-70 with a Tamron 28-105mm lens. I love this camera, but its getting expense to buy film and then have it developed. Its also a...
  8. ScrubWolf


    I'm thinging about getting/making a fursuit. I know these things get pretty hot on the inside. I sweat like a beast when I get hot. Does anyone have a problem with sweating through a suit? or does sweat not make it all the way through the fur? I've heard that some people wear dive skins and I...
  9. ScrubWolf

    What's the worst job you've ever had?

    I was shooting the breeze with a buddy and we were comparing the worst jobs that we had ever worked and this was mine: I worked at Disney World for about month as a "Jungle Cruise Skipper." There were times when the job was awesome. For example, making some kid's day because the got to "steer"...
  10. ScrubWolf

    What's the last book you read

    and I don't mean comic book or graphic novel :D. Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein (this book btw is way different and way better than the movie)
  11. ScrubWolf


    Has anyone here ever heard of Caninus? They're a metal band that instead of lyrics they have dogs dubbed in. I think its pretty funny. http://www.myspace.com/caninus
  12. ScrubWolf

    What's on your IPod?

    If you shuffle your IPod or MP3 player what are the first three songs that it plays? Here are mine: Metallica "The House That Jack Built" Elton John "Grey Seal" South Park Bigger Longer Uncut Sound Track "I Can Change / Saddam Husein"
  13. ScrubWolf


    Hi folks! I'm new to the forum. I have a couple of posts under my belt, but that's only because I forgot to come over here and introduce myself. I've been into furry since '94 but have only recently (as in: the last few days) become socialy interactive in the fandom; not in person but on the web...
  14. ScrubWolf

    No so young furries

    So....there's this thread on young furries http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=54715 and it sort of made me feel a little old. I'm 28. Are there many other folks on this board that are from my generation or older? And just for fun, how long have you been into the fandom? I read...