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  1. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

  2. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

    I see but i only got 1 sketch so from animatic so i guess i'll close this thread.
  3. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

    Good point, still i would like a example not everyone draws the same way. Yes your arts great but I may not like it as much as other do. Why is it so bad? i just wanna see how it looks, if you would be getting paid then a rough draft shouldn't be too much.
  4. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

    My bad, I'll pay for good work, not for some shoddy stuff i can get online. I am asking if you can do a quick sketch to see how it comes out, i don't want to pay for something i don't really like. I did put the details in my OP, 1366 x 768 for my desktop, His main forms-Brain point, Walking...
  5. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

    can you draw a quick sketch? like on paint? I see your work is cartoony, thats kinda what i am looking for but can you do a quick sketch if you don't mind?
  6. Dj_whoohoo

    Dr. Tony Tony Chopper

    Hey, I'm looking for an talented artist who can draw Chopper form One Piece. If interested PM my account and leave a link to your page on furaffinity.net so i can see your work. Details- Size 1366 x 768-for my desktop I want all his stages, well his main stages. Ex.- Brain point (regular...
  7. Dj_whoohoo

    Help! My Cat Is Broke

    PMS maybe? or he's being territorial.
  8. Dj_whoohoo


    I'm all for it... If you can deal with keeping up with all those women/men/both and have time to yourself and not stress it, then good on ya
  9. Dj_whoohoo

    What's your stereotype of Russia?

    Uhhh..... Vodka vodka vodka bear vodka?
  10. Dj_whoohoo

    Hostess Bankruptcy!

    Oh no...my twinkies :v
  11. Dj_whoohoo


    I haven't been on here in awhile but i noticed that "necromancy" was added to the rules. I don't really want to read it, but tell me...why? are people into dead animals?
  12. Dj_whoohoo

    Life Problems

    Find a hobby besides being a furry, experiment with things like when Rick James experimented with cocaine. Off tangent but you get the idea...sorta :/
  13. Dj_whoohoo

    Mac or PC?

    I'm on a Linux, I thought GNU?
  14. Dj_whoohoo

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    "Cocaine is a helluva drug" - Rick James...Bitch.
  15. Dj_whoohoo

    Scholarships, and planning for the future

    Major in either the degree you need to become an dermatologist, or pyschology. And your minor can be whichever you didn't choose for your major. You can always take aptitude tests and see what you get.
  16. Dj_whoohoo

    Girls being bullied in school "Oh he just likes you" >.>

    Well it's different because kids are kids and adults need to grow the hell up. If a woman is being abused by an adult male then that's just wrong, you shouldn't but who are we to dictate what other people do. It's her responsbility to break off that relationship. As for kids that just playful...
  17. Dj_whoohoo

    The More You Know *~*

    Thanks saiko and Lou blu I'll do that. Stalking, drugging and raping probably not going to get me far lol. But yeah ;)
  18. Dj_whoohoo

    The More You Know *~*

    Oh wow lol, well okay I'll try it the internet way :v ;) Thanks for the suggestions
  19. Dj_whoohoo

    The More You Know *~*

    I'm handling the situation, I thought asking the Internet especially furries, would know a way I can do this better. I just don't know how to talk to him just as a friend I get nervous. Oh and that crush thing I'll keep to myself for a while.
  20. Dj_whoohoo

    The More You Know *~*

    There is this guy I have like a bromance/crush on. But he doesn't know, and it would be akward for me to approach him because he's most likely not gay. Neither am I, I did write a long time ago that I am bi curious but I never approach another guy to ask out or stuff. I been trying to spend...