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  1. Ty Vulpine

    Pimp journals still banned?

    I remember FA making a rule saying users aren't allowed to make journals pimping raffles and such, but I can't find the rule. Was the rule removed?
  2. Ty Vulpine

    Back after 10 years

    Was banned from the forums back around February 2010 for being an idiot, harassing and derailing topics. I fully accept responsibility for what I did, and will make sure not to do a repeat of that again.
  3. Ty Vulpine

    Worst. Game. EVER.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGcE7IudRKE Seriously, that fails on so many levels, it literally left me speechless beyond a "WTF?!" (And it has obvious Chinese references on it, like a crying baby, standard "no children under 5" logo that Chinese products have)
  4. Ty Vulpine

    PS3 Problem?

    I bought a refurbished 80 GB PS3 from Gamestop.com on Friday (arrived Monday) and I can play the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection game fine, but when I put in the Rachet & Clank: Tools of Destruction game, it says the HDD doesn't have enough space (needs 4 MB), and to make some. Okay, I tried...
  5. Ty Vulpine

    Storm of the Century?

    Bleh, calling for up to 25 inches of snow here in the Washington DC area, and it may end up as high as the 7th worst snowstorm ever in DC history. Anyone got some snowskis I can borrow?
  6. Ty Vulpine

    RIP Roy Disney

    Walt Disney's nephew, Roy, died at the age of 79 today. He was a senior executive and had been battling stomach cancer for the last year.
  7. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Santa?

    Looking for a pic of Ty Solpine in a Santa costume (note: would be in macro taur form). Though, I most likely won't be able to pay until the 24th, so it would okay if the artwork isn't finished til after Christmas.
  8. Ty Vulpine

    Abe Pollin (Dec 3, 1923-Nov 24, 2009)

    Abe Pollin, long-time owner of the Washington Bullets/Wizards, the Verizon Center, TicketMaster and former owner of the Washington Mystics WNBA team and Washington Capitals hockey team, passed away today at the age of 86. Exact cause has not yet been released, but Mr. Pollin suffered from...
  9. Ty Vulpine

    Notes Problem: Missing Note?

    I'm not sure if someone sent a Note and then deleted it before I could read it, but it says I have a Note in my Inbox, but there is no unread ones, and the "1N" notification is stuck.
  10. Ty Vulpine

    3,000,000 submissions...

    Wow...over 3,000,000 submissions (give or taken, since a lot have been removed/deleted) on FA :3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3000000/ (NSFW)
  11. Ty Vulpine

    Halloween pic

    Looking for a Halloween pic of Ty Solpine dressed up, going trick-or-treating and seeing the surprised faces of a person giving out candy seeing the macro foxtaur. However, I won't be able to pay until the 30th (a week from Friday) so even if the pic wouldn't be finished until after Halloween...
  12. Ty Vulpine

    20 Years Later

    It's been almost 20 years (Oct 17th will be exactly 20 years) since the 1989 "World Series" earthquake in Loma Prieta. I was only 12 at the time, and remember seeing the aftermath on the TV, all the destruction in San Fran/Oakland....
  13. Ty Vulpine


    What would be a good brand of mouse to get? The one I have (Logitech wireless) seems to be wearing down, the left button doesn't seem to want to stay "clicked", even when I have it pressed, it will often 'declick' (act as though I had let go of the button). I often have to try clicking it on...
  14. Ty Vulpine

    Rusty Haller (Ace & Queenie)

    Rusty Haller, creater of the comic Ace & Queenie, passed away yesterday morning in his sleep. He did suffer from diabetes, though the official cause of death is not yet determined. He will be missed. :(
  15. Ty Vulpine

    Worst Movie of the Decade

    The worst movie of the decade (2001-2010) has to be Ballistics: Ecks vs Severs. Cost $70 million, made just $14.3 million at theaters, and received 117 "Thumbs Down" at Rotten Tomatoes, with 0 "Thumbs Up"...even critics panned it. What would be your "worst movie of the decade"? Mine would be...
  16. Ty Vulpine

    Things to wonder about Anthros...

    1. Goofy and Pluto. Still can't figure that out. (Why Goofy is anthro and Pluto isn't...) 2. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2575372 What is the point of having pet shops (or zoos or whatnot) on an athro planet where the animals are sentient? 3. Do all anthros live in houses? Do some still...
  17. Ty Vulpine

    Need suggestions for new graphics card

    http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t194/TyVulpine/Error1-1.jpg This has been showing up quite a bit whenever I run SL, and a friend that knows computers said it's due to a bad graphics card, and tomorrow I'm going to get a new one, but not sure what a good one to get will be.
  18. Ty Vulpine

    Submission Problem: Broken submissions

    A lot of submissions suddenly either half show, or only in normal size, and create "red X" when viewed at full size/downloaded.
  19. Ty Vulpine

    R.I.P. Monitor

    My monitor just started flickering and developed an orangish spot in the lower right-corner about a half hour ago, so I switched to my HDTV (has a computer plug-in in the back) to see if was indeed the monitor or the graphics card, and the HDTV works fine (no flickering or spot), so it appears...
  20. Ty Vulpine

    Las Vegas...not all it's cracked up to be?

    I left for Las Vegas on Friday for family business (sister getting married), and got there Friday night. Learned REAL fast how grouchy people there can be. As soon as I left the Terminal to be picked up by one of my other sisters (and her husband) who had arrived on Wednesday with our mom, and...