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  1. Callitza

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopt! Greenish, military Boy. 20€

    I'm gonna sell a bunch of charactes and he's the first one - a military, muscular wolf Boy with a very long tongue. You can choose his personality, accessoires and clothes, it's all up on you. I'll send you the uncensored picture in high quality via Email. Furthermore you can see him without...
  2. Callitza

    FREE Art. Requests open!

    Hello all of you! ^-^ I need more anatomy practice and furry art to relax my brain so hit me with your characters and I'll pick whatever ones I want to do. You can link your character ref under my thread. If you don't want your character to be SFW/NSFW or soft fetish tell me! It could be...
  3. Callitza

    0/3 Cute Soft Shaded Digital Headshots - Furry/Creatures (6€)

    Hello! I'm Callitza and I'm a digital illustrator and concept artist! Because of some free time I'm able to draw a few Icons with soft shadings. Each of my commissions come with 2-4 free sketches for you to pick from! I draw: Furry - Dragons - Creatures - Dinosaur - Humans/Humanoids - NSF -...