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  1. yummynbeefy


    spread this it needs to be done for great justice
  2. yummynbeefy


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMau-DXAeMU go ahead click it you know you want to ;)
  3. yummynbeefy

    peace out guys

    this has been yummynbeefy signing off
  4. yummynbeefy

    Mainsite Vs Forums

    forums by quite a bit
  5. yummynbeefy

    30 Rock and "Plushies"

    ha that was actually pretty goddamn funny and at least they didnt say furry haha
  6. yummynbeefy

    Which branch would you join?

    i would be a marine but i would join anything as long as its not the army
  7. yummynbeefy

    What is your ethnicity?

    mostly caucasian 1/8th puerto rican ive found out recently
  8. yummynbeefy

    How long have you been in the fandom for?

    i would count myself as into the fandom since march but i would count myself into furry for as long as i can remember
  9. yummynbeefy

    Has sex in the fandom become more important the anthros?

    all i will say is nahhh but it has gotten pretty sexual
  10. yummynbeefy

    How long do you think you'll be a furry?

    i think 5 or 6 years maybe i unno
  11. yummynbeefy

    Why does furry attract nutjobs?

    scotty likes pussy now? GET IT GET IT!!
  12. yummynbeefy

    What is your favourite meat?

    Re: What is you favourite meat? 3 way tie beef chicken and beef are all awesome scottys pretty cool too tho i gotta give him that
  13. yummynbeefy

    What is your favorite fruit?

    oh man all of the options except for pomegrante and grapefruit are AMAAAAZING!!!!
  14. yummynbeefy

    What is your favorite vegetable?

    brocolli, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, banana peppers, CORN!!!, and onions are awesome too
  15. yummynbeefy


    once @ like 6 in the morning and @ 4 in the afternoon lost alot of weight that way
  16. yummynbeefy

    What's WRONG with you?

    ADHD, OCD, a bit of a sex freak
  17. yummynbeefy

    You wake up one day...

    you made it sound awesome so it was awesome it was kinda like that effect i would jump for joy honestly ive always wondered what that would be like
  18. yummynbeefy

    Kemono Doujins?

    dont u mean yiff?
  19. yummynbeefy

    Kemono Doujins?

    i dunno about the gay stuff but all of the straight stuff ive seen i cant complain
  20. yummynbeefy

    did any else but me forget Mother's Day?

    of cource i always remember mothers day