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  1. Erinpuppy

    Question about different styles of fursuits

    I don't have a fursona but I love costumes and I can appreciate a well made fursuit But personally I'm not big on the typical fursuit look which is a mascot suit style so I wanted to know if there was a term or something for a fur costumes that is more make-up artist style vs the typical...
  2. Erinpuppy

    the best website to keep all your OCs information ?

    edit: I found a website called charahub and I'm going to try that one, it looks easy and enticing enough that i might actually start keeping the characters i think of! yay I was never really into OCs but I still made them all the time ? (im more into character design than story telling.)...
  3. Erinpuppy

    My Birthday was this week and I got a Pokemon cake

    I didn't get to share this with anyone because I have no friends so I just wanted to share this awesome birthday cake that my bf got me for my 26th birthday ToT <3 it was pretty much the best birthday ever. and it was my first birthday that we got to spend together in person since we were still...
  4. Erinpuppy

    $25 Digital Full body + Color /OPEN/

    I accept Payments through my paypal portal $25 Quick Commissions: per character tips are totally welcome finished in one day (mon-fri) full body + color Example: To see more of my art please visit my Instagram , DeviantArt ,or Tumblr Notes: I will draw about any request, non-furry...
  5. Erinpuppy

    Hi I'm new here

    Hello, I am Erinpuppy i'm just going to basically say what i wrote for my profile which is.. even though I dont identify as a furry, i do identify as a puppy girl(inumimi), and i LOVE drawing furries. or scalies or any other anthropomorphic characters :3 I think animals are beautiful and I've...