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  1. Tobias Amaranth

    Starfox Fans Ahoy! - Adorable Shirt.Woot design up for voting!

    http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry/69491/inspired-by-star-fox-adventures Adorable foxes, a gaming reference, and a fantastic piece of apparel. :D Give it some votes and let's see if we can get it to print and satisfy furries everywhere? In order to vote, you must have purchased something from...
  2. Tobias Amaranth

    King's Game - Stream Event Idea for others. :)

    I've been doing these with a friend of mine and I wanted to show off the results with others and explain what I do in order help run them. King's Game #1 - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9779401/ King's Game #2 - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9787820/ These represent a fun way to...
  3. Tobias Amaranth

    Bug/Site Problem: Search Engine a Day Behind

    I frequently would use the search tool in order to locate streams to view. This worked quite well, and about every hour the search engine would populate new data, so the results would be at maximum an hour behind. Typically. After the crash and the restoration of the search function, I've...
  4. Tobias Amaranth

    (Art Meme) Mawshot Meme

    There's plenty of furries on FA that love mawshots for various reasons. The trouble is that it's not a very common thing to draw. For those seeking to commission an artist that draws in a style they like, it can be a challenge to find which artists can truly manipulate the muzzle to create a...
  5. Tobias Amaranth

    Shirt.Woot and Furries! :3

    First off, in case you don't know what Shirt.Woot is, it's a t-shirt site that sells a different design every day. There are three important links to knowing how the site works. Today's Shirt: http://shirt.woot.com/ - Here, you can buy the newest shirt. They are $10 when they are on the front...
  6. Tobias Amaranth

    Searching - Database Error

    Occurring after the recent downtime, when I click search it says there's a database error.
  7. Tobias Amaranth

    Critique Request - Fennec Sketch

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4041163 Drawn by Fablefire I'm looking to get some additional opinions on this sketch that Fable recently drew. She hasn't had the chance to get a forum account yet, so I figured I'd post this for her. :)
  8. Tobias Amaranth

    Fablefire taking Commissions

    A good friend of mine, Fablefire, has recently joined FA. I've been doing what I can to help get her name out, as I've been a fan of her art for a while now. http://furaffinity.net/user/fablefire She has decided to give Rainfurrest a chance this year, and is raising money for the trip...
  9. Tobias Amaranth

    WoW Alliance Furries Post Here

    I managed a few on the same server, I am transferring tomorrow. Hoping to get a few more over there by the time Lich King comes out. Server is Burning Blade. Fallenmink (Fallenmink) Myself (Veloxis) Pentavus (Fauxpas) We're all 70 and plan on doing achievements and instances and such...
  10. Tobias Amaranth

    Winter'08 Anime Season - What's worth watching?

    So far, I haven't really found anything all that good. Tales of the Abyss - Popular but really, not all that good from the bit I skimmed. I'll probably watch it for lack of anything else to watch. Tytania - Chess in space, totally don't like the actual content, BUT, I -really- want the OP...
  11. Tobias Amaranth

    Alliance Druid Looking for a new raiding realm (semi-asap)

    World of Warcraft - Alliance Druid realm transfer? Got a T6 BT/Hyjal geared raiding Resto-Druid here, Alliance faction, looking for a new realm to play on, and a new guild that atleast plans on raiding from time to time. Semi-casual but intelligent crowd preferred (You can do the bosses...
  12. Tobias Amaranth

    Furs on WoW Beta?

    Just wondering if there are any furries on the WoW Beta right now. I'm Lich King / Alliance side. Been having fun testing things, doing a massive amount on it... Oh, and I'm currently guildless on live and looking to transfer. Any progression-oriented guilds looking for a Resto Druid? I won't...