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  1. Red_Lion _

    How to tell your friends you're a furry?

    This. To the OP. Try framing it like any other fandom. Some people are bronies, some people are gamers, this is basically just a fandom like any other.
  2. Red_Lion _

    Anyone enjoy cooking?

    I enjoy cooking. I got big plans for thanksgiving, gonna try making everything from scratch.
  3. Red_Lion _

    Red Delicious Apples make me regurgitate ad nauseam

    I can't red delicious, it's like biting into gritty, bland, tough-skinned despair.
  4. Red_Lion _

    Is fursuiting like blackface

    ...I'm going to say this as nicely as I can. Get a new girlfriend, heck, be single. This girl your with is a grade-A idiot. I'll elaborate, animals DON'T CARE if you dress up as a fake animal thing you made up. They aren't sapient, they have never been sapient and I am just praying your...
  5. Red_Lion _

    Why do Furries love Steven Universe?

    Much as I love to hate on popular things.... I'm up to episode 15 and though I feel it started slow, I'm actually enjoying it more and more as it goes on.
  6. Red_Lion _

    How come there's no photo shoot for non-fursuiters?

    I don't know a whole lot about furry cons or cons in general but I would assume that the purpose of photographing suiters only is to show off the best of the best suits and make the con look snazzy by showcasing the most skilled and dedicated fans. That guy who cut up his bathroom rug and hot...
  7. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    I see a lot of fellow pepper lovers here, aside from some of the spicy varieties I tend to use sweet peppers over green bell peppers.
  8. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    I do like spicy food. Hot peppers on a bacon cheese burger are the best thing ever.
  9. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    I haven't actually tried that on anything. I also didn't know it was called "cock sauce". I was honestly not sure what to expect XD
  10. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    I like hot sauce too, I put it on my hot dogs and burgers.
  11. Red_Lion _

    Reptile keepers of FAF

    I keep a short, tubby, grumpy feller named Gator. He likes jerky, butts and warm, humid, dark places ;) I kid, gator ain't my pet he's my uncledaddy. As a kid I had a couple of turtles and I liked them just fine but don't know that I'd get more.
  12. Red_Lion _

    Things you never learned in school

    Just about everything that matters to me. What I know about music I picked up on my own, what I know about cooking I learned through trial and error and watching other people. Filling out a check, driving a car, critically analyzing books and movies, writing, random trivia about history and...
  13. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    Most commonly used spices/herbs/seasonings in my kitchen: garlic and paprika. I use one or the other, if not both, in just about every savory dish I make. They're key ingredients for my super sexy chili and they're likely to show up in any kind of marinade. They're also essential for goulash...
  14. Red_Lion _

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    I think a good parallel would be the fantasy fandom. People create personas that are elves, orcs, other humans, they give themselves roles and classes and they live action roleplay with homemade weapons and costumes. Furry is no more worthy of "coming out" than that is. The reason it's so weird...
  15. Red_Lion _

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16631435/ Some birthday art for everyone's favorite uncledaddy
  16. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    It wasn't just a mistake, mom was trying to make dinner the easiest way she could and she didn't even pay attention to the recipe. I've been doing the cooking at my house for awhile now and when she does cook something it's usually out of the box or quick and easy. She used to be a really good...
  17. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    The best part of this was that she heard skillet pizza was the fast, easy, foolproof way to make it. I don't know what she did to make it go that horribly wrong but it probably involved black magic and the cries of innocent children.
  18. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    After watching this video I am 100% convinced this was the process O__O
  19. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    As a sentient being that eats food this is an insult.
  20. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    It tasted of slimy cheese-jelly and things that used to be pepperoni. I don't know what vegetables the black bits were, maybe mushrooms, they tasted of sadness and death. I fear my tongue will never recover again.