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    Meet Hitsuji

    Name: Hitsuji Age: 20 Sex: Female Species: Sheep Height: 5'1 Weight: 190 Ibs Appearance: - Hair and fur: Her fur is a beautiful, bright white color - Markings: On her cheek is a small scar from when she was younger (if that counts) - Eye color: Sky blue - Other features: She has b cup breasts...
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    Nya....hello >////<

    Hello. I'm Sheepy_Aqua, but you may call me either Aqua, Sheepy, May, or whatever you would like. I go by anything as long as its nice ^^. I'm very new to the furry fandom (I've been fascinated by it for a while I just never...nyaaa.) I have a few of my own characters already as well (a sheep...