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  1. headmasterfox

    Oregon Furs

    Hi, I'm a lonely little fox who lives in southern Oregon. Just wondering if theres any that live in the southern area. I know theres some int he northern, but I live in southern so meh. So if you live in Southern Oregon, give me a PM or add me to MSN. :D
  2. headmasterfox

    Need help with Windows Server 2003

    I recently got Windows Server 2003 so I can set up my own server instead of having to look for a site to host mine. But I dont' fully understand how to work it. I mostly need help configuring the router to allow the webserver to work, setting up the webserver software thats build into Windows...
  3. headmasterfox

    Hi, I'm Fox

    Hi, I'm Fox, I'm new and would like to met some new friends, I'm lonely now a days, been lied to, cheated on, and people just don't do anything they say they will to me. I just want to met some new friends. I'm really nice and cuddly if you treat me right and with respect, if you treat me...