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  1. Repiotou

    Change to the favorite's system is needed?

    As things stand with the favorite-ing system, if the owner of a faved submission deletes the submission, it leaves a space in the favorites page that really shouldn't be there. I propose a possible addition to the system that clears off deleted submissions, so that they don't clutter up the...
  2. Repiotou

    My recently made old RP character.

    I have tried to give more thought to this character, as it was made up on the fly, thinking he could use some tuning. This is from a Gaia Online RP with someone else mind you, and all our characters are Mary Sue in terms of the fact they have supernatural powers, and their potential strength is...
  3. Repiotou

    Characters that came into my head.

    I dunno if this belongs here, so here goes. These two characters oddly enough are fan characters of a person's online amerimanga called "Fetch Quest" Interesting story so far. Now the characters. Name: Truqué (French: "faked") Coragem (Portuguese: "courage") Age: 19 yrs old Species: Human...
  4. Repiotou

    Critique on sketches.

    http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a274/Shin-Gozume/Big-GKingoftheMonsters.png http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a274/Shin-Gozume/TyrannosaurusRexDinoKing.png There they are, these two are currently the only ones I have uploaded that are currently in a presentable format. Arm your CPBMS...
  5. Repiotou

    F-29 "Marlin" - Techie Critiques Please

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2094864 You can view it there. Please keep in mind: This is little more than a concept plane, and if I ever get around to it, I might make the design more original by itself. Prepare to fire your CPMs! (Critique to Picture Missile)
  6. Repiotou

    Favorite Songs you like to listen to?

    I have quiet a few, actually, but what I mainly want to know is, do you have a favorite song(s) that you listen to everyday or at least on a periodic basis? I have a list of about twenty to show. 1."Dare" by Stan Bush and "Instruments of Destruction" by '???" 2."All Guns Blazing by Judas Priest...
  7. Repiotou

    Malakai the Dark, my fursona.

    I thank Arrow Tibbs for the Bio Form. ------------- Name:Malakai Born: 1448 A.D. Age: 561 (22.5 years old for him) Sex: Male Species: Chimera (Fox, Dragon, and Gorilla) Height: 6.9 feet Weight: 100 kg (Around 220 lbs, most of it is muscle) Appearance: - Hair and fur: Dark Purple - Markings...
  8. Repiotou

    Yo people!

    My first post in this area. I kinda put my first actual post in the tutorials and critiques area. Oops. Anyhow, my name is Repiotou. Just call me Repi for short!
  9. Repiotou

    A question toward Fat Fur artists.

    I look at your works and sit there wondering how in the world you simulate the fat on a character, and frankly, I am stumped. I have tried figuring it out with a underlying skeleton and not much else and that tanked. I have tried doing it with a normal skeleton and then adding the weight and did...