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  1. Charem

    FA's basic font size now tiny as of latest Chrome update!

    As of Version 37.0.2062.94m of Chrome, FurAffinity's basic font size (that is, un-bolded/header/etc text) has gotten a lot smaller. I noticed the issue quite randomly with myself, and thought I'd been dumb and just changed some sort of text setting on my browser...but after much searching and...
  2. Charem

    What're your feelings on the new flood protection FA has?

    If you guys didn't know, FA seems to now prevent you from posting a comment within 10 seconds of having posted one already. This is pretty obviously flood protection. I mostly support it, as it is a good idea and a reasonable amount of time for most situations. However, I've triggered the...
  3. Charem

    Seeking Colorists to Color Sexy, Scaly, Vorish Pictures! (Mostly NSFW Stuff)

    There is an artist named TielDraggy, who ish a really wonderful friend of mine... n..n He's drawn a bunch of sexy and awesome drawings for me, and a lot of them were black-and-white sketches; he did them more or less to practice drawing my character for more full-fledged pictures. Even in...
  4. Charem

    Request/Trade - Seeking Artist To Add Finishing Details on (Very Hawt) Picture!

    My latest submission, "Cleaning Time" (located here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2814092 - NSFW!) was supposed to be a 3-way collaborative picture. TheShizL drew it, Muskie colored and shaded it, and I was supposed to add the 'juices'...and it really needs to have the juices. (Just guess...
  5. Charem

    Halloween/PKMN Art Idea - Could Somebody Please Try Drawing?

    I've had this idea for a few years now, but never been able to get it drawn, so I'm starting early this year. XD I had a cute, clean idea involving Poke'mon (me, namely) and Halloween. I'm Charem the Charmeleon, a pudgy pet Charmeleon. My reference data is > here <, and my best picture...
  6. Charem

    I Got $30, and I'm Seeking An Artist To Commission...

    I seek a color, no-background, two-character drawing. The characters would be me, Charem the Charmeleon, and my Master Guan in his new Charizard-gecko-iguana hybrid form. The focus would be on Guan, as the purpose of this picture is to get a good drawn reference of his new form. I would like...
  7. Charem

    Site Grinding to Nearly a Halt, All But Unusable...and Nobody Else Has This Problem?!

    I mean, seriously. It was rather slow all yesterday, got progressively worse, and now it takes 45 minutes to load one page. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. I timed it. And FA is the only website plagued with this problem...all other websites open just fine, so it's now my connection. So....why hasn't...
  8. Charem

    Seeking Artist to Draw Macro/Micro Vore Idea!

    I recently brainstormed up an art idea I'm rather happy about, for an artist that basically said 'inspire me'. Well, I guess the idea didn't inspire them enough, which is fine. But I don't want to just throw this idea away! XD The idea involves my character. I am Charem the Charmeleon, a...
  9. Charem

    Oh, Come On! =P No Topic For Rocket City FurMeet?

    RCFM is occurring in Huntsville, Alabama from May 23 to 25. =) I know I'm going! =P It's gonna be my first con! ...But considering nobody started a topic on it before me, I'm not so sure anybody else here is going. =S Care to prove me wrong guys?
  10. Charem

    Anybody Need Their Lineart Colored?

    I'm a little bored because FA's out, so...yeah, if anybody has any lineart they need colored, imageshack the pic and throw me a link. (Lineart, or similarly inked art -- I just don't feel like working with sketches, because I don't feel like lining anything myself. :P ) Also, gimme color...
  11. Charem

    Does Anybody Wanna Draw a Lil' Charmeleon? =3 (Two Ideas)

    Okay, I know the chances of getting requests isn't huge, but since I am quite broke and unable to get any commissions, I figured I'd try asking you guys. =3 I'm a simple creature. I'm a small, male Charmeleon, mildly pudgy, with a cute, pet-like personality. I also usually wear a special...
  12. Charem

    Could Someone Color This For Me? <3

    I got this piece of artwork that I need colored (preferably digital, though I don't mind other methods being used). I'd do it myself, but I'm kinda burned out. Could anybody help me out? (Warning: Adult Image) http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/645/rexfunul5.png The little guy in the...
  13. Charem

    Taking requests! (Kinda...)

    I'm taking art requests...or I guess suggestions would be a better way of saying it. I'm drawing a series of small pictures to refresh my old art skills. There's a number of limitations, but still... Check my journal entry here for more information. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/87517/
  14. Charem

    A new lizard on the board!

    Hiya, everybody!  I'm Charem, the Charmeleon.  I have a gallery by the same name as here. I'm a very yiffy lizard, and I also love vore of all kinds.  I'm very submissive, too.  How submissive?  Take a look at a picture of myself.... [attachment=1002] Hope to see you all...