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  1. CamouflageSheep

    website help

    ~Hello So I am a textile artist catering primarily to the furry/anime communities - most of what I make are tails, ears, plushies, ect. I have had my business up and running for about a year now; I mostly take commissions but am interested in selling premades as well. I do table at...
  2. CamouflageSheep

    Looking for Fur Scraps

    ~Hello I am currently in the market for fur scraps. Any color (I'd really like some more natural colors) but preferably of a longer pile (1 inch or more). I'm working on some smaller projects right now and just don't have a need for a yard (or even .5 yard) of fur. Ideally I'd like them to be...
  3. CamouflageSheep

    Bored in class

    Just for shits and giggles; I'm bored in class so I figured I'd do a few bust sketches for the first few furs who'd like them. Go nuts kiddos.
  4. CamouflageSheep

    Foam base critique/red line

    I just began working on my first foam base, and I was able to complete quite a bit of it tonight but I wanted to get some feedback on it before I continues working. It is a helmet style base, and the intended character is going to be a white german shepherd. My main concerns are that the muzzle...
  5. CamouflageSheep

    Drawing for my business cards :3

    ~Hello I run a small crafting business and I have started going to more local conventions to sell my wares; as a result, I decided I need a more formal looking 'logo' for my business cards (I am much more handy with a sewing needle than a pen). I am looking for an artist to draw my...
  6. CamouflageSheep

    Suggestions for an airbrush machine

    ~Hello Despite being low on funds this month, I had an opportunity to purchase an airbrush machine practically smack me in the face. The seller is offering the airbrush kit and an air compressor for $80. I am planning to use it to airbrush markings on the fursuit parts I make and on my yarn...
  7. CamouflageSheep

    Free lineart

    ~Hello I need to practice my linearting so I am offering free linearts of your characters Just comment below with a reference sheet and your choice of color for the line art (color wheel only please) Most of these will be traditional, fyi. First come, first serve. I will for sure offer...
  8. CamouflageSheep

    Tips for improving art

    ~Hello So I am by far, not the best artist out there, but I really would like to improve my skills. I do a lot of sketching, doodling, ect but I feel like I am making the same mistakes over and over again when I do this. I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for tutorials or...
  9. CamouflageSheep

    Camcorder recommendations

    ~Hello So I posted a while ago about people's opinion on go pros, and after doing some more research I realized I am technologically impaired when it comes to cameras. So I'm hoping someone might be able to help me choose a quality, inexpensive camcorder. I am mostly going to use it to record...
  10. CamouflageSheep

    Mouth calls for deer?

    ~Hello So I am starting to collect pieces to build my first fursuit and since my family is going to be taking a trip up to Cabellas within the next month (the closest one is about 5 hours away) I have been looking into deer calls. Since my fursona is part deer, and I quite like the noise deer...
  11. CamouflageSheep

    will you be my test subjects?

    Hello all, I recently began trying my hand at digital art with my new art program and I need some more practice with it. So I figured I would offer to draw your 'sona, oc, or whatever you throw at me. Please only offer up animal characters, I cannot draw humans to save my life. I would also...
  12. CamouflageSheep

    Daily Dose of Cute

    Just in case you haven't had your daily dose of cute. And if you have, then there is never too much cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN4t9O3sGP0
  13. CamouflageSheep

    Go pro Camera Opinions

    So I am currently in the market for a new camera, the last time I bought a new one was 2004 I believe. Any ways, I am looking for something I can shoot video with (mostly con footage, maybe a music video or two) and take somewhat decent pictures with (I enjoy photography but don't have the...
  14. CamouflageSheep

    Handpaw Pawpads?

    I have made a couple pairs of paw-less handpaws, and since I would like to improve the general appearance of my handpaws and offer pawpads as an option to commissioners, I was wondering if anybody has any tips on sewing on pawpads to handpaws? I plan on using vinyl, and maybe fleece, as the...
  15. CamouflageSheep

    Opening Slots for Yarn Tail Commissions

    Hello all, I just figured I would post here for anyone interested. I have opened up two slots for yarn tail commissions. Details can be found here --> http://camosheepcreations.deviantart.com/journal/Yarn-Tail-Commissions-D-445651050 or here -->...
  16. CamouflageSheep

    What do your pants smell like?

    I spent most of my day today volunteering at a local animal shelter, and as I'm sitting here typing this all I can smell is dog and dog kibble (we give it as rewards for good behavior). I already changed my shirt, so I know it's coming from my pants. So I figured I would ask: What do your pants...
  17. CamouflageSheep

    anybody out there?

    I'm probably casting a very small net into a very large sea, but I would love to know if there is anybody here who is a younger furry in southern California, or more specifically the San Luis Obispo area? I am a college student here and I am new to actively being involved in the fandom and I...
  18. CamouflageSheep

    First Pair of Handpaws

    Hello :D. So I have made my first pair of handpaws and I was just looking for some feedback on them. For some reason its not letting me put a picture of them directly here so a link to a picture of them and a video of them is down bellow. I am just getting started making things like this, so...
  19. CamouflageSheep

    Yarn Tail Help

    Hello. So I just recently decided to try my hand at making yarn tails, and I have a question for any experienced yarn tail makers out there. I know it's common to loose yarn when brushing the tail out, but I am concerned that I am loosing too much. I read on a few tutorials that wool and cotton...
  20. CamouflageSheep

    *covers face and waves paw* hello

    Hello. My name is Eekale (pronounced like it's spelled, e-kale) but I also go by Camo (easier for some). I am not new to being a furry but I am new to being involved in the fandom. I honestly had no idea the fandom existed, so it is a little overwhelming knowing this many people share the same...