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  1. DytahDorojin


    Hey! I am at anthrocon and need a quick fursuit fix! My ears on my head are coming unattached and I need them stitched back on the side they are coming off! Please messege me at Shelbypb1991@gmail.com
  2. DytahDorojin

    Looking to Commission a partial (Cheapish?)

    Ignore, no longer need a fursuit builder. Hello I am looking to commission a relatively cheap partial. I am a little on the broke end, so I have about $900.00 set up for it. I know they usually run about $1500.00 for a partial but I am hoping someone can take pity on poor me and hook me up with...
  3. DytahDorojin

    Satyr finished! (Pictures!)

    So to all those who saw my WIP pictures of the satyr here is the final result! I got to premier the costume at Anthrocon today!
  4. DytahDorojin

    I made Satyr legs!

    So this was my first time...really ever sewing pants with a friend. Neither of us have ever made pants before but she has made stuffed animals. We followed a few tutorials and this is how they came out! I am really proud of them and wanted to share! I added a few things after this pic was taken...
  5. DytahDorojin

    Digitigrade fursuit help!

    So I am going to attempt to make a pair of Faun Legs, but I don't quite understand the big tutorial everyone references. I get the padding and attaching those to the pants, but to get the fur over them, do you make a separate pair of fur pants or just sew the fur onto the existing pants with the...
  6. DytahDorojin


    Hello all! My name is Shelby and I am kinda new to this! I went to AC last year with no costume and had a blast! This year I will be going dressed up as an albino satyr. ^^ I am really looking fore ward to going in costume! Hope to meet some awesome new friends!
  7. DytahDorojin

    Hello everyone!

    Hello my name is Shelby and I am from pittsburgh! I am new to FA and the forums. I hope to make some friends here as I am a little new to this. I went to my first convention this year, I went to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh. It was very fun and everyone there was so super nice. I would like to meet...