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  1. Callitza

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    Hey handsome, wanna Play?
  2. Callitza

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    I'm tired of doing solos so please join me master. feels so weard to write it
  3. Callitza

    Free Art: OC art requests (SFW and NSFW)(CLOSED for now)(limited)

    Maybe you'd like to draw Skota having some D/s fun with Seres? Most of the time Skota is the dominant part. It can be NSFW as well.
  4. Callitza

    Free Art: Looking for art requests

    Hey! Maybe you'd like to draw my OC Skota. Here are two pictures in her two different forms: www.furaffinity.net: Aurora Skota by h.a.r.o.b.e.d www.furaffinity.net: Aurora Skota by h.a.r.o.b.e.d NSFW is fine. :-) I don't care about the pose, draw whatever you like.
  5. Callitza

    Hiring: Human x Pokemon ($80-100)

    Hey Princess! First - your oc looks very sexy! ^-^ Did you already found an artist and if not may I ask what you are looking for? I'd really like to draw your character and maybe we can work together? You can see my art here: Artwork Gallery for h.a.r.o.b.e.d -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Or in...
  6. Callitza

    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    It's nice to see that people create fursonas with the same personality or mental disorders they have. When I started to draw a "thing" (About 7 years ago) to descripe my mood it was looking like a creepy smiley. Sounds weard, but whenever I feel anxietys, depressed or happy the face had a...
  7. Callitza

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopt! Greenish, military Boy. 20€

    I'm gonna sell a bunch of charactes and he's the first one - a military, muscular wolf Boy with a very long tongue. You can choose his personality, accessoires and clothes, it's all up on you. I'll send you the uncensored picture in high quality via Email. Furthermore you can see him without...
  8. Callitza

    FREE Art. Requests open!

    Hey I've drawn your Boy Haraldo! Here is the link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35302225/ :-)
  9. Callitza

    Free Art: Looking for Furries to draw~

    Thank you for the opportunity! Feel free to draw my Sona Skota in one of her forms. She's got a more human like form and a more canine like, pick the one you prefere. I guess she's a curled like a ball or messy sleeping type. I'm new ihere so I don't have a glue how to reduce the size of the...
  10. Callitza

    FREE Art. Requests open!

    Hello Bluefiremark! I've choosed Vixye. Here's the link: www.furaffinity.net: Vixye by h.a.r.o.b.e.d I hope you like how I made her look. :)
  11. Callitza

    FREE Art. Requests open!

    Hey Iggy, I've drawn your boy Seph. Here's the link: www.furaffinity.net: Seph by h.a.r.o.b.e.d :) I hope you like it.
  12. Callitza

    FREE Art. Requests open!

    Hello all of you! ^-^ I need more anatomy practice and furry art to relax my brain so hit me with your characters and I'll pick whatever ones I want to do. You can link your character ref under my thread. If you don't want your character to be SFW/NSFW or soft fetish tell me! It could be...
  13. Callitza

    0/3 Cute Soft Shaded Digital Headshots - Furry/Creatures (6€)

    Hello! I'm Callitza and I'm a digital illustrator and concept artist! Because of some free time I'm able to draw a few Icons with soft shadings. Each of my commissions come with 2-4 free sketches for you to pick from! I draw: Furry - Dragons - Creatures - Dinosaur - Humans/Humanoids - NSF -...