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  1. Red_Lion _

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    Most commonly used spices/herbs/seasonings in my kitchen: garlic and paprika. I use one or the other, if not both, in just about every savory dish I make. They're key ingredients for my super sexy chili and they're likely to show up in any kind of marinade. They're also essential for goulash...
  2. Red_Lion _

    Mom made pizza.

    http://i.imgur.com/FTybNdL.jpg?1 There are some vegetables on that....I think.
  3. Red_Lion _

    Class out the ass

    I go to the bathroom to find cigarette butts floating in the toilet. I hollered at my dad to use an ashtray, not the commode and he responded by farting at me. I grumbled at him, he farted some more, we parted amiably, and I went to get coffee. I notice it's after 4 p.m and my mother is still...
  4. Red_Lion _

    coffee wars

    Somethin' weird happened this morning. I was in the kitchen pouring myself some coffee and I stopped to put a splash of milk in it when my mom came stomping over to yell at me. At first I didn't know what she was so bent out of shape about then she started going on about how I was drinking my...
  5. Red_Lion _

    Think of the children!

    I was hanging out on campus with a friend of mine today and someone sitting near us brought up the topic of bullying. This woman didn't want her 15 year old son to go to school wearing an MLP hoodie because she was afraid he'd get bullied. She was saying that he could wear it at home but he had...
  6. Red_Lion _

    Weird dumb shit you've heard people say.

    My mom dropped this beauty on me this morning: "I think people who like coffee are more grown up and mature than people who don't." She wasn't even joking, this was delivered as though it were some kind of insightful observation about human behavioral patterns. Where did that even come from. Is...
  7. Red_Lion _


    Been lurking for a little while after being introduced to the forums by my Uncledaddy Gator. How y'all doin?