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  1. One-eyedCat

    Looking for NITW style animated image

    I happen to have a friends birthday comming up and im trying to get something made for him but having trouble finding what im looking for. Im looking to have get his sona made in Night in the woods style art animated like gregs wiggly arms. Ya know like a gif image. My price range is under 100...
  2. One-eyedCat

    Need some things drawn.

    Hey im looking to commission someone to draw my fursona. Im looking for full color ref sheet, full body, bust, and 2 head shots. My budget is around 300 max. I don't have a real time limit for when i need it but the sooner the better. My fursona if ya cant tell from my profile pic is a scottish...
  3. One-eyedCat

    Hello all

    Hey Im new but also not new. I had an account here years ago. Maybe 5 email addresses ago. Well anyways about me. If ya can't tell from my thumbnail my fursona is a scottish fold. My main purrrpose for joining here again was to get some things commissioned, but im also here to meet new people.