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  1. Qoph

    2013-09-12 Database Migration

    FurAffinity is currently in Read Only mode for planned maintenance. Databases are being moved onto new servers. Estimated time for maintenance is 24-48 hours.
  2. Qoph

    Gold took a huge shit today...

    One commodity, a luxury one at that, isn't going to crash the market. In fact, I doubt it will have any effect at all. The only real useful product of gold is high grade electrical wiring and other electrical stuff. The main affected demographic will be old ladies who buy gold plated coins...
  3. Qoph

    A particular (and weird) transformation fetish

    You've got it backwards :V
  4. Qoph

    Screenshots V2. (Gogogogogo)

    The beautiful world of Second Life combat And the result of returning to a public minecraft server after a week.
  5. Qoph

    Lucid Dreaming

    MODERATOR NOTE: THREADS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ASSIMILATED. I have plenty of dreams where I realize that I'm dreaming but I can rarely actually control what's happening. Half the time I'm just trying to wake myself up but I get stuck in a loop with sometimes 100 iterations of trying to force...
  6. Qoph

    Why do you post on FaF?

    I usually don't <_< Sometimes I'm like "I should go back and see my old friends", I post a couple things, then I forget about it again. Like now.
  7. Qoph

    What's your major?

    I have my electives out of the way and I'm trying to decide where I want to go in computer science. The generic comp sci degree seems too much theory for me so I'm just sort of exploring other fields.
  8. Qoph

    (potentially dumb) Things you used to believe that has changed over time

    Wish I could do a retroactive "inb4 religion" and " inb4 angsty stuff about how things suck now" I used to believe that women would randomly pop out babies and they needed surgery to stop. That there was a secret library behind one of the walls in my house (so I tried to break through it...
  9. Qoph

    What's your dream job?

    I'd like to be a map designer for games. Unfortunately every other nerd wants to work on games so I'd have to be pretty damn good to ever get a job doing it.
  10. Qoph

    FAF Anthrocon 2013

    Definitely going, but still not sure who I'm staying with.
  11. Qoph

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    OK I guess I have to do this again. Bi slightly gay. Who made the poll anonymous? now I can't creep on people :<
  12. Qoph

    Wrestling being dropped from the Olympics

    Didn't believe it when I heard it, considering there are things like ping pong in the Olympics now. Wrestling actually has a long history, and many people grow up learning it. Not sure why this decision was made.
  13. Qoph

    No/slow response - 8/15/2012

    The issue seems to be with the site's load balancer, which is excluding some of our servers from handling the traffic load. I'll post an estimated time for a fix as soon as I can.
  14. Qoph

    American Politics

    As much as I'd love to vote with my ideals and pick a third party candidate. Romney in the White House is too risky for me to go with it.
  15. Qoph

    Kool-Aid Runs Red

    It's Detroit, nothing could surprise me.
  16. Qoph

    Bug/Site Problem: 4/6/2012 Site downtime?

    No, I posted the status update before I read this. This thread is actually only a minute older. This is the maintenance that was announced on 5/30. I believe it said it was to be for sometime this week. It took some more time to prepare the work for implementation than the end of this past...
  17. Qoph

    "I haven't seen one attractive furry yet"

    Keep in mind that OP was looking at a subset of furries, those who would go to ComicCon. Making conclusions about the whole based on that just doesn't work. I will admit there are a fair amount of stereotypical nerds at AC though.
  18. Qoph

    Bug/Site Problem: 4/6/2012 Site downtime?

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/120102-6-4-2012?goto=newpost Any relevant information will be posted in this thread.
  19. Qoph


    FA is offline to work on some of the site database. Expect the site to return within a few hours. Note that this work will log out all users and delete any previous session data. The old data will be kept as a backup just in case it's ever necessary. Will update as needed.
  20. Qoph


    Site went down for planned maintenance on the physical servers. Service has been restored at this point.