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  1. Ezkiel The Watchman

    My ocs

    Just wondering if someone would be willing to do one or more of my ocs i have like a shit ton of em im not gonna lie. I have cat ocs A kitsune oc A werewolf oc and a wolf oc 2 dragon ocs A venus flytrap oc (Yeah........heh ) A spider oc A harpy oc Slime ocs (Yep) and finally a Lizard oc...
  2. Ezkiel The Watchman

    Looking for Medival world rp partners

    i like fantasy a whole bunch so i can probally do most fantasy stuff. Im mostly a sfw rper...um he only nsfw thing id do is soanking honestly but thats if you wanna. I have fursonas ans scalsonas and more if you want ^^
  3. Ezkiel The Watchman

    I guess here I am

    I....honestly never thought I would be here,I kept thinking about it and then today I decided,"Hey I don't care what the world says so I'm going on here",and well here I am. I roleplay if anyone's intrested and i guess thats it for my 'skills' XD I just hope I have a good time here with...