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  1. Plastic-Fox

    List of conventions (sorted by month)

    2015/16 Furry Convention Schedule* - MID YEAR UPDATE *note some dates may change / recent cons that haven't set new dates linked at bottom - USA or Canada +- International 2015 July +- FurWanted: 8th-12th Barvia, Germany http://www.repage.de/member/furwanted/ - Anthrocon: 9th-12th Pittsburgh...
  2. Plastic-Fox

    URBEX - Urban Exploring

    Urban Exploring Thread for Urban Explorers and those interested. Share some pictures and some stories - maybe even some good sites. Just curious if anyone share this hobby or had questions about getting into it. So I've been urban exploring for a few years. Casually strolling through...
  3. Plastic-Fox

    Greenthumbs - plants and growing shit

    So I just started planting and growing a small baby tree. This is my second attempt at greening up my surroundings on the interior as I think I murdered the last one through neglect. Maybe I should just do a cactus but I want something to grow and be more touchable. Currently working on a bonsai...
  4. Plastic-Fox


    Designer by trade, traveler by desire, and student for what seems like forever. But all in all I'm just a quick talking fox with a flair for a bit of everything. Taste the world and all that. Usually I can be found eyes glistening from a bit too much gaming, reading, or working. SO... I've been...