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  1. charlesgray

    Not understanding a question

    So one of my college professors invited my class to a presentation by a doctor from Cambridge (doctorate in law) . The topic was about U.N. law which ties into my international studies major so I went and it was a pretty great lecture. Then we got to the question portion and this is when I...
  2. charlesgray

    D&D style rp

    So I tried setting this up before but got super busy with school, but I’m ready now. It is through discord I have a bot for rolling dice used to roll for attacks and the like. I’m looking for 3 or 4 people to make up the party and would like for people to make a character sheet like would be...
  3. charlesgray

    Modern poetry

    So this came up due to a reading in my seminar course at my university. I really don’t like Allen Ginsberg especially Howl and a reason I disliked the article we had read for today was because even though this class is about Global cities and what makes a city global the author used a style to...
  4. charlesgray

    Worst traveling experience?

    I just got back from being on vacation and the last 24 hours were horrible because I got the flu which made the 4 hour plane ride hell. So I was wondering about other people’s bad traveling experiences?
  5. charlesgray

    Wanting to practice [closed]

    so I got into the community a few months back and I just like drawing so I wanted to take a few requests. I’ll probably take 2 or 3 to start. I have a shonen anime inspired style.
  6. charlesgray

    D&D inspired rp

    i wrote up a D&D campaign over the summer and would like to rp it with some people. I might just play the role of Narrator or might rp my own character. I have two people interested already and would like another one or two people to join in on discord. The setting is Middle Ages with magic so...