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  1. Vinny (Tpr)

    Hello! Am I too old for this?

    hey hey ^u^
  2. Vinny (Tpr)

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    violently scream as there is a 6'4 rat over me
  3. Vinny (Tpr)

    Body controlling fursuit?

    While i like the idea there is one major issue i see with this idea a system like that would require a battery and a rather big one and you would need a conversation circuit board to switch it from AC to DC not to mention the battery would be cooking inside of the suit and would require a decent...
  4. Vinny (Tpr)

    Are you ticklish, and do you like to be tickled?

    tickles are nice and i dont mind some play
  5. Vinny (Tpr)

    Looking for Friends.

    talk and being nice *plays with his claws* thats me :D
  6. Vinny (Tpr)

    Looking for Friends.

    like wise hehe well im glad the holidays are over so i ca get back to my normal way of life XD and yeah im going great
  7. Vinny (Tpr)

    Looking for Friends.

    C-Cat! *jumps on T.k*
  8. Vinny (Tpr)

    Looking for Friends.

    Giggles :D why thank you how are you!
  9. Vinny (Tpr)

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    Edm stands for Electronic dance music
  10. Vinny (Tpr)

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    well two thing's inspired vinny my fursona The first was when my rat died from heart failure and i wonted a way to keep him in my mind and help him live on in some part of me and i loved Edm at the current time infact i still do but that why he has his very colorful hair and another reason im...
  11. Vinny (Tpr)

    Looking for Friends.

    *glomp's you* hoi o3o i heard on the grape vine your looking for friends im vinny the rainbow rat If you want to chat about next to anything feel free to hit me up im always around somewhere mostly in your walls but heeh
  12. Vinny (Tpr)

    hello im scet

    Hey welcome to forums *hugs* i hope you have a wonderful stay while your here <3
  13. Vinny (Tpr)

    Need To Practice

    <3 wow thanks alot kazeno i love it too bit's <3
  14. Vinny (Tpr)

    Need To Practice

    if you still need some practice i would love one :D
  15. Vinny (Tpr)

    How it are you finding the site so far

    How it are you finding the site so far
  16. Vinny (Tpr)

    I need practice,so I'm taking free requests.

    forgot to post the piccy XD
  17. Vinny (Tpr)

    I need practice,so I'm taking free requests.

    Hi there if you wont you can use my fursona for practice :)
  18. Vinny (Tpr)

    aussie aussie aussie

    aussie aussie aussie
  19. Vinny (Tpr)

    Fur Den (aka a random chat All welcome)

    awesome so robot fighting at an epic hobby o3o