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  1. mimibast


    ☽ ☯ ☾ Hi everyone I really need money to get out of my household and I have a lot going on and I need to pay off my debt so please help me and let me help you! ☽ ☯ ☾ ☽ ☯ ☾ I can do NSFW and FURRY ART too as long as you explain exactly what you want, communication is constant and changes to...
  2. mimibast

    looking for NSFW commission

    Sent you a message on FA
  3. mimibast

    $10 and up Commissions (%20 off for Holidays)

    Prices are negotiable depending on details and characters. 20% Discounts are available for the first 6 hours after the invoice is sent. (Happy Hannukah) Fully Rend. Full Bod. are still unavailable until further notice. What I won't do: Mechas. Vore. What I can: NSFW, Gore. *note* Fully...
  4. mimibast

    How do you guys handle art blocks?

    STUDY STUDY STUDY. You've lost your creativity for just a bit, so don't waste time dotting on what you should draw and how you should approach it, pick up your materials and take a reference and study it, paint it the best you can the most realistically, and then keep doing it whether its...
  5. mimibast

    How do I draw freckles correctly?

    Heres a quick hack, if you have a brush tool for splatter or even like paint splatter just use that with a darker tone than the background (usually a bit warmer ) and use the brush lightly and lower the opacity by 20% erase the mess that is : when its too clustered and over the border. you might...
  6. mimibast

    Im making my gallery right now but incase you want to see all the art ive done previously check...

    Im making my gallery right now but incase you want to see all the art ive done previously check me out at www.instagram.com/mimi.athena (hope this works im a dumb when it comes to fur affinity cuz im new uwu
  7. mimibast

    Show me your art!

    its unfinished im just very happy with where its going owo
  8. mimibast

    Commisions open! (please?)

    New to embracing the furry in me and I'm in a very bad situation luckily I have 2 weeks to do as many commisions as I can so commisions start at 50% I can do practically everything, NSFW, SFW, realism and stylised, I don't hide who I am you can find everything on my socials mimiathena on...
  9. mimibast

    Hi how is everyone doing.

    My antidepressants are red and blue, maybe that is what its all about. (blue pill pls)
  10. mimibast

    Hi how is everyone doing.

    Okay so ive been a furry my whole life apparantly damn
  11. mimibast

    Hi how is everyone doing.

    Lmao I'm new here, not a furry (nor am I going to be but id like to connect to the demographic I want to cater to, in other words, let's just talk yo) but I've started doing furry art and making my own fursona. Fun! how is everyone doing.