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  1. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for NSFW Pokemon rp

    Hello all furs my name is Dark and I'm looking for a rp partner that is willing to do a trainer/Pokemon NSFW role-play. I'm looking for someone to at the part of a talking Pokemon that the trainer and Pokemon end up falling in love with each other. I would like to do the rp on messenger but we...
  2. darkemberwolf430

    Not sure where this would go but check description

    Hello I'm dark I'm a thirty year old single bi wolf in pa and I'm looking for a friend. I'm a anime lover and love to just cuddle up reading a good book next to that special someone my body is making it so I cant really work anymore. I don't really have any friends so making more would be...
  3. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for sergals to talk to about a Sona idea

    Ok so I had a dream last night that I turned into a sergal and I haven't made a sergal before so I would like to talk to some so I can learn more about them
  4. darkemberwolf430

    My first tail

    my first ever tail tell me what you think
  5. darkemberwolf430

    Lonely wolf looking for friend

    Looking for a long-term story rp partner can go NSFW if partner wants post any story ideas and I'll message back prefer to use telegram for messaging
  6. darkemberwolf430

    Full partial quote

    Looking for a quote on my Sona dark please let me know if any interest my budget is 600-900
  7. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for help with a ref sheet

    Hello everyone I have a description of my Sona but I can't draw anymore due to seizures I lost my talent for it now I just can't if willing to help please let me know I can't really pay but I'll try to if needed
  8. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for rp. Possible NSFW

    Hey looking for an rp partner to basically have our sonas meet somewhere and see if they get along mainly looking for females but males are welcome also I'm a red and black wolf named dark if curious hit me up
  9. darkemberwolf430

    Hi everyone new to the site

    Hello everyone new here names ember I'm 30 recently abandoned by my fiancee could use furiends to talk to