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  1. Shaui

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Since that special time of year is approaching again, I wanted to ask you guys -- What do you want for Christmas? List 5 things you want, it's simple! Things that I want: 1: Recorder tuned at A=416 hz 2: Antec 300 computer case 3: Espresso machine 4: Slippers 5: Maybe even a playstation 3...
  2. Shaui

    Raccoon raids a doctor's office

    http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100515/NEWS/5150323 God I love you raccoon <3 Seriously, why would this raccoon risk the trouble of breaking into an OBG/YN office in the first place?
  3. Shaui

    What is your favorite kind of vehicle?

    Since every thread from today is about favorites, I should start one about automobiles :V I really like offroad Jeeps, they look like fun to drive.
  4. Shaui

    How do you waste your time?

    My favorite way to waste time is by listening to music or using the StumbleUpon toolbar to find random shit awesomeness. How about you guys? It can be online or offline activity you participate in to waste your time when you feel like it
  5. Shaui

    Finals Week

    How do you approach doing your last deeds of the year: Please discuss
  6. Shaui


    A WINRAR is whoever can introduce me to a furry comic WITH THE FOLLOWING.. 1: A main character(s) who isn't bi OR gay or lesbian or w/e 2: NO DOG COCKS OR YIFF PLOX (non-suggestive artistic nudity is acceptable) 3: A plot that integrates philosophy, arts, or history or anything else...
  7. Shaui

    Any furries here into classical music?

    I mean, any kind of classical music starting with the earliest days of Baroque to the 20th century, I'm a huge alkan fan myself There is some Haydn for you to enjoy. xKTIOaERqbo And Bach. Bo1x-62WmrI Also, post your favorite composer or performer with w/e you usually post, I wanna know what...
  8. Shaui

    If you could have any animal?

    What would it be? EDIT: REAL OR FICTIONAL: That's why I said "any animal"
  9. Shaui

    Vulnerable raccoon here ^,,^

    Hello furs, I'm new to the forum but not to the furry fandom nor FA itself, and I've already gotten judged for my low post count by being called a "noob" and so on. *Yawns* Anyway, I'm glad to be here with the rest of you guys :D
  10. Shaui

    Why does Fender wear a tie?

    Have any other furries wondered why Fender wears a tie? Please post your opinion here! EDIT: I think he's a furry who wants to be a human.