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  1. ShadowScar


    Front Line Assembly- Stürm
  2. ShadowScar

    obsesians, randomnes or problems

    Me? I'm a sadomasochist. And you?
  3. ShadowScar

    Seven Deadly Sins! (which is yours?)

    Greed Money, power, women, eternal life; I want it all. Wrath I'm a very vengeful person.
  4. ShadowScar

    Lucario Fan Club

    Heheh, you dirty mofo.
  5. ShadowScar

    Lucario Fan Club

    And bonus points to you for knowing that.
  6. ShadowScar

    Being "green."

    Hehhehhehheh... Why is it that you say I'm 'bad'? Because I speak the truth? _____________ One to another, we all hate each other Strum
  7. ShadowScar

    Lucario Fan Club

    Fuckin' A dude.:cool:
  8. ShadowScar

    Being "green."

  9. ShadowScar


    Well hello thar and welcome. Violence and gore? Sweet; I'm likin' you already. :cool:
  10. ShadowScar

    Being "green."

    This thread amuses me. It's cute how you think that any of you are making a difference.
  11. ShadowScar

    Lucario Fan Club

    Sure, I'm game...... Count me in yo!
  12. ShadowScar

    Thanks, it’s noob saibot from an awesome game series called Mortal kombat.

    Thanks, it’s noob saibot from an awesome game series called Mortal kombat.
  13. ShadowScar


    'eeeeeey and welcome.
  14. ShadowScar

    You avatar makes me laugh, awesome.

    You avatar makes me laugh, awesome.
  15. ShadowScar

    Not at all man.

    Not at all man.
  16. ShadowScar

    I love it man.

    I love it man.
  17. ShadowScar

    The US Army's Iron Man!

    Ahh, I remember watching something on this in the news a day after I watched Iron man. Just imagine what could be done with a whole army of these things, and if it came into the wrong hands and was further modified, damn.
  18. ShadowScar


    Then your good in my book. At one time I was but have since embraced it, thus a shadow was born.
  19. ShadowScar


    Thanks man. Will do. Yeah, it's been cool here so far. Keep it real man.
  20. ShadowScar

    Working like a dog...

    Welding. Around 70-85 during the summer. Damn does it get hot, but hey wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it. And the pay ain't to bad either. 35+ and hour.