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  1. Dr. Durr

    3D Gel test

    I'm trying to make a gel substance in DAZ Studio, and I need to know if anyone thinks this is gel-like. I used 7 spheres, and rescaled them, and put them together.
  2. Dr. Durr

    Is this against the AUP?

    I created an Aperture Science texture for an addon to the Krystal 3D Model for Poser/Daz Studio. All I made in it was the tank top texture. But I made the picture to show off the texture. Since most of the rest was made by the original creater of the 3D Model, is this against the AUP? If...
  3. Dr. Durr

    Any ways to run Windows games on PowerPC Mac?

    I want play Half-Life Uplink on my iBook G4, but Darwine dosen't work, and Virtual PC is costly, and not powerful enough. Do any of you know of any other ways?
  4. Dr. Durr

    Telnet Star Wars

    Once I remembered the command prompt existed, I typed in towel.blinkenlights.nl, wth port 23. I watched it all, I liked it, then I went to FurryMUCK. Then I was sad...
  5. Dr. Durr

    If Disney's Robin Hood, is a furry blockbuster...

    ......is suicidemouse.avi like the Ring Tape?
  6. Dr. Durr

    Obligatory 'Furry on TV' Baww

    The Simpsons episode "Flaming Moe" 1 hour ago, had Moe fake being gay and ran as the first 'openly gay' represenative of Springfield. The pride crowd was: Gays of Springfeild Furries of Springfield Gays of the 90's So blahblah furries wur mainsteem for 3 seconds. OH YAH: They were in...
  7. Dr. Durr

    Killer Instinct

    Does anyone here still play it, or is it just me?
  8. Dr. Durr

    Mature Tags for ads.

    For example, I clicked an ad to a webcomic, and all it was is a yiff-fest with sci-fi for an excuse. They need to atleast have a little NSFW tag near the ad.
  9. Dr. Durr

    Programs you thought were dead.

    1. Real Player 2. America Online (AOL) 3. Netscape 4. iMesh
  10. Dr. Durr

    Is it me or....