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  1. Vesper2112

    Chicago Furs?

    I'm from Glenwood and went to school in Chicago Heights, but now down in Chattanooga, TN. Good luck with your search!!
  2. Vesper2112

    New map for furries

    Looks like it's down at the moment?
  3. Vesper2112

    Do you talk while in fursuit? Why or why not?

    I only got into the fandom about a year ago, so not the best time since everything shut down. However, I created a FB page for my characters/fursuits. On it, Pogo the Tabby Cat "speaks" to announce new artwork or what he and his pal Snickers the Ferret is up to. Snickers does not talk. My newest...
  4. Vesper2112

    Feb 2021: bought a partial-suit space cat-thing off someone on Facebook (originally made by...

    Feb 2021: bought a partial-suit space cat-thing off someone on Facebook (originally made by Feathers & Fangs) which I have named Cygnus.
  5. Vesper2112


    I'm 51 and finally got my first fursuit (full) earlier this year. Then (because circumstances just worked out for me) got a partial as well. But yes... the furries I know in my area are way younger, but welcoming.
  6. Vesper2112

    At what age are you considered a greymuzzle?

    It probably also could be looked at in terms of how long you've been in the community. I mean, I'm 51 but relatively new to the furry fandom, so at this point, I wouldn't claim to be what the term "greymuzzle" probably is supposed to convey. From a pure costuming standpoint, yes... I've been...
  7. Vesper2112

    Best era of music?

    +1 to the Rush mentions. With them, they have a few different eras that could appeal to different people. Their early '80's stuff is probably the most well known, though (The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, YYZ). Their last album "Clockwork Angels" was really, really good (imo).
  8. Vesper2112

    Do you have a life?

    Him and his sister quote Episode III stuff ALL THE TIME! LOL
  9. Vesper2112

    What is Your Favorite Piece(s) of Commissioned Art?

    Having art made has been an unexpected bonus since joining the community. I have over 30 pieces that's been commissioned, but there's been two that I really, really love (mainly because it has both my fursonas in them). Snickers & Pogo... in SPACE! Art by: Blumer...
  10. Vesper2112

    At what age are you considered a greymuzzle?

    51 here, so I guess I can't really deny it. ;-) However, it took this long to be financially stable to finally get a fursuit! :-P
  11. Vesper2112

    Do you have a life?

    Yes! Two kids (Abby (almost 22) and Anakin (20)) and a loving partner for the past 10 years. I started the costuming social club "Chattooine" in 2004 and co-founded a multi-fandom convention in Chattanooga, TN called "ConNooga" in 2008. Home: Yes Job: Yes (same place for the last 25 years and...
  12. Vesper2112

    How Did Your Family/Friends Treat You After They Found Out About You Being a Furry?

    My daughter teases me a little (but she's a cosplayer and I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before she joins in). My partner is completely fine with it and just laughs at all the art I've commissioned of my fursonas. Everyone at my work knows I costume a lot, so they I'm pretty sure...
  13. Vesper2112

    Any cats here?

  14. Vesper2112

    what do you drive?

    Thanks! It's pretty good on gas, and I loved all the extras in this (kickin' sound system, heated seats (front and rear), sun/moon roof). Yeah, I had to decorate it a bit to make it a bit more unique. :-)
  15. Vesper2112

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Here's what I have for my first fursona, Pogo the Tabby Cat. I got super addicted to art of him (with a few more on the way). My newest fursona/fursuit (Snickers the Ferret) should be in today. I have 1 art piece so far, but I was waiting on it to show up before I started sending commission...
  16. Vesper2112

    what do you drive?

    2018 Kia Soul! (which I call Rogue One).
  17. Vesper2112

    Post your Pride Art

    Art by: The Gremlins Cave www.facebook.com: The Gremlins Cave
  18. Vesper2112

    Fursona merch?

    My daughter made me a stuffed version of my fursona (Pogo the Tabby Cat) for Father's Day. I've also got a little carried away with art commissions. Currently have 19 pieces with a few more in the works (badges, stickers, animations, ref sheets, YCH, head shots, full body, etc).
  19. Vesper2112

    as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?

    I consider myself straight, but my partner is genderfluid, so I'm not sure what that actually makes me. LOL Either way... Ally all the way! <3 <3 <3