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  1. BadMasterYouJerk

    Looking For Oc Partner~! 18+

    Hi~ I'm Kris and I'm looking for people to rp with! I have two main ocs that I use, ones a big, tough, mean bara Pitbull, the big brother to my other oc, a sweet, frail little Jackrabbit. Alex, the Pitbull, is very protective of his bunny brother, to the point he wont let anyone touch him, and...
  2. BadMasterYouJerk

    Hewwo! New Kid On The Street!

    I'm Kris, I'm 20, havent been on this site before but I've heard a lot about it. Just recently got my profile up and running, so I'm hoping to make some friends here! Im a cartoooonish? I think? Idk what youd call my style but I like to think I do something unique XD Hit me up if youd like to rp...