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  1. Dr. Durr

    3D Gel test

    There is no fluid dynamics. I tried changing the opacity, but it creates some kind of strange border-ish thing that ruins it. I would add more spheres, but it seriously slows down my iBook.
  2. Dr. Durr

    3D Gel test

    I'm trying to make a gel substance in DAZ Studio, and I need to know if anyone thinks this is gel-like. I used 7 spheres, and rescaled them, and put them together.
  3. Dr. Durr

    Furry Games

    Vinnie Voles Existential Nightmare :V
  4. Dr. Durr

    What song made you realize you love music?

  5. Dr. Durr

    Bloody Roar 5 IN PRODUCTION!

    Panda WAS a joke character in Tekken 3.
  6. Dr. Durr

    Bloody Roar 5 IN PRODUCTION!

    Loved the original on PS1. So gonna buy this one.
  7. Dr. Durr

    Games that a 5 year old can play

    Portal 1.
  8. Dr. Durr

    Stupid shit you believed as a child.

    That if I were to bleed, I would die.
  9. Dr. Durr

    Tommy Wiseau plays Mortal Kombat

  10. Dr. Durr

    Positive things about yourself.

    I'm real good at cooking, my favorites to cook are Enchiladas and Speghetti. I'm actually getting off my ass and really making a video game, and it's coming along very well.
  11. Dr. Durr

    Furry webcomics

    I am now hooked to it. But now I am thinking of a Prequel/Homestuck crossover.
  12. Dr. Durr

    Dead Artists Link/Legacy Link-Gone but not forgotten

    There is a deceased status, which has to be proven.
  13. Dr. Durr

    Easier Profile Information Editor?

    FYI This is a PUBLIC FORUM. As long as it's OK with the rules, he can criticize your idea all damn day if he wanted to. And if you want to see work, type a DeHacked Patch, that is more painful that simply clicking and typing a few keys.
  14. Dr. Durr

    Greetings all! :D

    Nobody likes the new Spongebobs. Please dont add meows or a crap ton of emoticons to your posts.
  15. Dr. Durr

    What is the best birthday gift you've ever gotten?

    The Towering Pillar Of Hats :V I'm going to have to say a drawing tablet.
  16. Dr. Durr

    Best TF personals...?

    The Scout in TFC. Engineer in TF2. :V
  17. Dr. Durr

    How has FaF changed you as a person since you've joined?

    I'm a bit more social, but that's it.