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  1. Ronnoc_the_Owl

    Spare Money For Char. Ref. Sheet, $20 minimum, $60 max (Closed)

    I'm looking for an artist that can do a character reference sheet for me. I've had this character idea for about a year now and I'd like to have a reference sheet for it. I'm willing to spend at least $20 and at most, $60. I can be contacted here Userpage of ronnoctheowl -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  2. Ronnoc_the_Owl

    Ronnoc's Fursona

    Name: Ronnoc Age: 21 Sex: Male Species: Great Horned Owl Height: 5'6" Weight: 125 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Brown and Tan feathers. - Markings: None - Eye color: Gold - Other features: Fore arms and fore legs are gold, along with gold feet and gold hands. Behavior and Personality...
  3. Ronnoc_the_Owl

    Ello everyone!

    My name is Ronnoc...still working on how I pronounce my name XD- Anyway I'm here to meet new people to hang with, and I like making friends, gaming, music, and RPing (Not sure if it's allowed here).