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  1. maxgoof

    Administrative secrecy

    This thread is not about my friends suspension. It's about administrative procedures and secrecy. Too much of what is done is done in secret. While privacy is important, when administrative action gets hidden along with it, that's just wrong. People can have their accounts closed and locked...
  2. maxgoof

    Main Site Protocol for suspension

    Is it standard procedure for someone to be suspended for a week... ...for something posted YEARS ago?? Because that is exactly what happened to RadarCub, who had a story that he posted over five years ago removed and he was suspended for a week for the supposed contents. He's not sure what post...
  3. maxgoof

    Main Site More Bug Fixes, Less Policing

    We have blocks on FA for a reason. You don't like what someone draws or says? Block them. There, that was simple, wasn't it? Can we possible spend more time trying to squash the bugs in the interface, and less time whining about others' behavior?
  4. maxgoof

    Main Site 10MB file limit

    I have heard a rumor that, although the initial upload for artwork must be 10MB or less, when you REPLACE the artwork, there apparently is no limit. Has any tried this with sound files? I ask because I am posting audio stories and often have to bump the bps down from my standard 192. My...
  5. maxgoof

    Main Site Down and back up and....WTF??

    So, for the past hour, FA seemed to be down. Now it's back up, and it seems that many of the Journals that people said were gone are suddenly back. Eh? What's up?
  6. maxgoof

    Main Site Known Problems: First Reported Dates

    One of the things I think is missing from the list of known problems is a date when the problem is first reported. This, I think, is quite important, especially with the recent huge change to the UI, many of the problems were carried over, but many similar problems are now being lumped into the...
  7. maxgoof

    Thumbnail problem, likely easy fix

    This is a RECENT development, as I have only recently had a problem doing this. When I attempt to replace the thumbnail on an entry for a music file, the new thumbnail shows up as Image Not Found on the actual page for the music. This does NOT happen when submitting new music with a separate...
  8. maxgoof

    Outage last night (3/10/19)

    So, there was an outage of the website last night, perhaps due to the switch to DST, but no explanation as to the cause and resolution of the problem on the Site Status board. So, what gives?
  9. maxgoof

    The Site Is Down 1/8/19

    The Site Is Down by MaxDeGroot < Submission | Inkbunny, the Furry Art Community
  10. maxgoof

    Nuke button disabled

    Rather than telling us after we have pressed the Nuke Button that the Nuke Button doesn't work, how bout removing the Nuke Button when it isn't working? It gets VERY frustrating to have to do things over and over and over just to find out it isn't working. Especially when you don't bother to...
  11. maxgoof

    Block abuse?

    This seems to be happening to others, and I can see their point. Occasionally, in a heated discussion, someone will make a wild accusation about the other, make a vague reference to something supposedly backing up the accusation, then block the other. When the other person tries to respond to...
  12. maxgoof

    Site Update Priorities

    Some time ago (years, in fact) it was asked what the musicians of the site would like to see changed. The results of that informal poll was that two things stood out: 1) Increasing the maximum upload size from 10mb to 15 or higher. 2) Expanding the Themes in the Music Category to include...
  13. maxgoof

    Inconsistency in button placement?

    When I go to check my notifications for comments, favorites and journals, the "delete selected" button is on the left, next to the buttons that allow me to select all, select none, select streams, invert selection, etc. The "nuke all" button is way on the right. When I go to check my...
  14. maxgoof

    How many times can you post a reminder?

    I've noticed one artist who has posted a reminding of a YCH he is soliciting buyers for. This is the third time he has posted this reminder. He posts, deletes, posts, deletes, and posts again. I can only assume that he does this to get it back on the front page of FA again and again, but it...
  15. maxgoof

    FA Requests Catagory And Theme Change Suggestions On Twitter

    Okay, to start this off, I am going to concentrate on just the Music catagory. Most of this is already know to them, but I want to re-interate it for their benefit. The Music Category needs to be augmented to include: Podcast Audio Story Other Sounds (such as short readings, samples...
  16. maxgoof

    7/14/16 Site Down Again??

    I did notice yesterday that the site was often sluggish and unresponsive. Today, it is apparently down. With no notice, yet, as to why. And here I was trying to do some cleanup, which is frustrating enough. The Site Is Down
  17. maxgoof

    Disabling Account doesn't hide it?

    I disabled my account last Friday evening. I still have 12 hours left before it can be enabled again. And yet, someone was able to favorite one of the items on my gallery six hours ago. How is that possible, if, according to the description: Disable Account This will prevent your userpage...
  18. maxgoof

    Modernized Music Categories

    It has been proposed and asked for many times in the past, even by music admins. We really need to update the music categories. Many seem rather silly, such as categorizing by decade while some categories are missing entirely--Country, Folk, Broadway, New Age, Easy Listening, just to name a few...
  19. maxgoof

    90 minute downtime? Excuse me if I am skeptical

    So, this coming Saturday FA will be down for up to 90 minutes (the official work is 30, but will leave the window open for 90). And they plan to: 1) Add more RAM 2) Remove an unused server 3) Install a new server Excuse me for being skeptical, but if I wanted to just add more RAM to my desktop...
  20. maxgoof

    Merry Christmas! The Site Is Down! Again!

    Yes, yes, I know they are doing hardware maintenance to replace a failed hard drive. All well and good. But the last word we had was that it would start at 0700 Eastern time (it did) and last for about one hour (it did not). Two hours and counting. Any guesses as to how long it really...