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  1. MorbidWolf

    The Unversed

    Apparently in KH 3D Vanitas appears again but died in Birth so.. That hinting we can possibly see Unverse again? Also in Birth I believe three different peope created Unverse (Queen, Tramaine and swear to god there was another one...) that have nothing to do with Vanitas so I believe in a game...
  2. MorbidWolf

    Future Card Buddyfight!

    I was wondering if anyone seen this anime? I really love it and its tons of fun as is the card game itself. I'm currently caught up and I hope to see Axia with an awesome fighter. For those who not seen it its an anime whrere monsters exist and the humans use card games to kinda tame them...
  3. MorbidWolf

    Kingdom Hearts and Furries?

    I have seen concept art of Sora and he has a lion tail.. Why they scrapped that I'll probably never know but with the main chars being both anthros and humans you have to consider the possibility that some of the people working there are into furries. Also there is The Pride Lands in Kingdom...
  4. MorbidWolf

    Furry Sites reveal a taste?

    I was wondering if while looking at FA you discovered an interest you never considered. I was never into robots but I saw Kiryu's work and fell in love with technopilia lol I'm strange. So I was wondering has browsing FA or E6 ever show you a fetish you didn't know you liked? I'm really curious...
  5. MorbidWolf

    Robot Furs

    I was wondering how many people hang out on here that are into robotic furs? I saw some Kiryu's art browsing e621(yes it was dirty) and I feel in love with the concept of being turned into a robot or being a cyborg. What about you guys?
  6. MorbidWolf

    My Fursona Wolfmon

    So I never had a Fursona.. But if I wanna be a FA user I suppose I should immerse myself in the fandom as best I can. So this is as detailed as I can fathom of Wolfmon. Name: Wolfmon Age: 22 Technically immortal due to being a Digimon Sex: Male Species: Digimon Height: 5 feet tall...
  7. MorbidWolf

    Suggestions to Submit Text?

    Um.. I can't draw only write and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to post text? I tried a Microsoft word document but said it wasn't allowed and I don't have any other word thing on here. If you guys got any advice I'm sure I can use it to become an active writer on here.
  8. MorbidWolf

    Rawr! Is New

    Hello I'm Wolf but sure lots of people are called that... Call me Wolfmon then! I love Digimon and lizards and robots and.. I like too much to list. I been on FA a few months now maybe? But not post anything then I decided to try but.. You don't like the way I tried posting my story... I'll have...